Top 5 Winter Guide Activites

Top 5 Winter Guide Activites

Top 5 Winter Guide Activities.

While we still have 2 guides on staff for the winter, most fly shop dedes and guides are looking for answers…to questions, they don’t even know.

That is the conundrum.

Top 5 Winter Guide Activities


  1. YouTube
  2. Visiting your folks. For 6 months.
  3. Cleaning the cooler. Or chucking in the dumpster, next spring. Cause that’s when you get around to cleaning the boat cooler.
  4. Dating. A normal activity when you find yourself bored out of your skull. Normal gals? Sometimes.
  5. Sleeping. For lengths of time. Sleep in til 4pm. Get up make some Cheerios. Go back to bed.


Many get out of the country and fish elsewhere. Some guide hunting. Some guide as previously said, out of the country. Some do visit their folks.

Rest is part of the program. Resting your body form the punishment. Some of it occurred during the daylight hours, rowing your ass off. Some of it incurred late at night, at Joe’s.

Cleaning? A spring activity at best.

Thanks to all our guides as they are off hunting and looking of birds, deer, ladies, etc.

We have a couple full timers, Jared and Nick,  this winter for any of your guiding needs. Handed instruction, guided trips, or just good ‘ol fashioned nymphing. We have some dry fly stuff too.

Thanks to all the guides around this great country of Montana for visiting us this last summer and look forward to seeing you fellers this coming summer too!

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