Trout Bum 201

Trout Bum 201| 10 Rules for Success

“There are plenty of ways to make a living. There are fewer ways to make a life.”

Which way will you go?

Trout Bum 201

Yes, there are fellers who give this a shot and fail. Lots of them.

Smart trout bums are always evolving, moving forward, finding the secret path to Trout Bum 201 success.

If you want to achieve staying power you must learn from your first year mistakes. As you move into your sophmore effort it is important to keep these Trout Bum Rules in mind!

Rule #1: Don’t be underfunded at Joe’s Bar when the random, and only, and probably lost, single gal happens by.

Rule #2: Don’t tell her you are a trout bum.

Rule #3: While it may not be time for your own Drift Boat, it is time to befriend somebody with one. When you own your own, then you can dictate your future.

Rule #4: Don’t get too serious yet. Either with that gal you lied to in the bar, or by choosing a trout bum career. You gotta be loose and fly by night. Nobody likes a serious, synonym un-fun, trout bum. It is important to close the bar down a lot. Get after it. Not one trout bum goes to the next level without having enough fun for an Army!

Rule #5: Tell your folks this is your last season wasting your education. After the fall streamer season you will definitely go to work for your Uncle. He’s holding a sweet position for you in Tulsa, at the lumber yard.

Rule #6: Start hoarding fly rod classics. Or at least discovering a few of your trout bum obsessions.

Rule #7: Spend even more time at the vise. Develop mad fly creation skills.

Rule #8: Don’t Piss Off fly shop owners, bartenders, outfitters. All these folks are vital for your move to Trout Bum 301.

Rule #9: Don’t give up. Only trout bum losers give up. Tenacity is important to your success. We have all seen those not strong enough to make it. And that is OK. The weak need to be weeded out. More room in your favorite secret dry fly flat.

Rule #10: Before moving to the next level, some in the community must notice you if you plan on staying around for a while. And making more money. If you just want to be invisible, then stay at Trout Bum 101. No need to move on. In many ways 101 is the peak of Troutbumdom. Honest.

These Trout Bum 201 Rules will keep you in the game and allow you to move forward. Learning more about the dry fly, the killer streamer techniques, and bobber placement is imperative. Getting after it daily is super cool. Being the first one on the dry fly flat is life changing. Finding a new run, new flies, new friends…all good bro!

How about housing? Where are you at in this arena? There are a few paths to take when you come upon this fork on the trout bum road.

Some of the housing opportunities include:

Back of your car or truck. Not bad for those on a tight budget. Trout bum chicks are sorta into it for about a wee. Then the shower becomes integral to moving to second base with your gal!

Tent. One step up from the vehicle. Find a place to stake up and stay awhile. A few years back there was an Island Dweller...that is a story for another time. I always liked the tent route. Felt more like home and you would not have to move shit around in your truck. A Therma-Rest, a bag, a pillow, wool blanket, travel alarm, small transistor radio…or an iPod.

Trailer: Blog reader Jim Williams suggested this one, as I forgot. “A small travel trailer or converted cargo trailer is a good housing option.  Creature comforts.  Tying table.  12-volt power and light, solar charged. Mobile for changes in scenery or rivers.   No leaks, dry waders.  Shower adaptable.   Some chicks dig it.” Thanks Jim!!

Crashing with friends. A great route. More difficult to find these days as savvy landlords are familiar with trout bum behaviors. Good luck with this one. BE on your best behavior and you may find one of these jewels. Most housing units want some sort of long term lease.

The next level is Trout Bum 301. Coming soon. Housing, job, and a few other bullshit responsibilities come along with this mid-level bum…

Check out Boneyard Fly Gear for a ton of cool trout bum products. Stickers, shirts…etc. Cool stuff! The stoker on the banner photo is from there. Check it out!




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  • A small travel trailer or converted cargo trailer is a good housing option. Creature comforts. Tying table. 12-volt power and light, solar charged. Mobile for changes in scenery or rivers. No leaks, dry waders. Shower adaptable. Some chicks dig it.

  • Thanks Jim, I added it to the list. I totally forgot this housing vessel!

  • “Only Trout bum losers give up”,  sounds like the advice my brother gave me when I told him I was going to quit smoking.  He called me a quitter.  Haven’t stopped yet.  Also, important for trout bumness is being able to cook up gourmet meals over a leaky gas stove with ingredients left behind by the guy that stayed in cabin six the summer before is crucial.  Because eating at Izaaks and The Frenchman every night is expensive..

  • What about crashing with the owners of your friendly local Fly Shop…?

  • Carroll Jenkins
    February 26, 2014 7:48 pm

    How about sleeping in the Pump House all season at Craig Trout Camp undercover. That’s a real trout bum.

  • Glory Days!

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