Ultra Skiff

Ultra Skiff 360 coming to a river near you?

Awesome. Purely awesome.

Sent to us by heads up Headhunter Brad Wiliiams of World Cup Supply.

Check out the Ultra Skiff site here for more info in regards to this groundbreaking, is that the right word, Ultra Skiff.

6′ in diameter and weighing 125# with a price tag of $1299.

It even says guides can use them on the video.

Talk about rowing in circles…

You gotta watch this video. It rules.

I wonder if Adipose Boatworks in Helena is picking this up. All those skiffs and pointy enders can go to the junk yard.

I’m getting’ me one of ‘dem round boats.

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  • John mausshardt
    June 19, 2014 12:26 pm

    The real question is it durable enough to make it through a winter in Craig . With Headhunter employees with time on their hands, it sounds like a workers comp claim just waiting to happen!

  • Does it need a boating License number because of trolling motor?

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