Vedavoo Made in America

Vedavoo Made in America

You may have seen this cool new Made in America packs, gear portals, and pouches on a few of our guides or on your city streets.

This product is crazy good. Hand made in America and colorful. When they aren’t building packs for you and I for river use, they are designing and building packs for Everest expeditions and such. Yes, the serious stuff.

So the design quality and integrity is certainly there.

Vedavoo @ Headhunters Fly Shop

We are one of only a handful of fly shops this great green earth that carry this made in America Vedavoo product line. A few of our guides are rocking the Sling Pack in the boat, for wade fishing purposes. Maybe you should consider a pack as well!

Vedavoo Made in AmericaVedavoo Made in AmericaVedavoo Made in AmericaHere is what they say over at the Vedvoo HQ…

We hand cut, prep, build, and finish every piece of gear to order using American made fabrics, hardware, and webbing. Even the thread we use is American Made! When you see the flag on your pack, you’ll know it stands for real, American quality you can count on!

Drive down back roads in America, and there’s a good chance you’ll see what I have: empty factories… run down and decaying from memory.  Unfortunately, industries dominated by companies getting their gear produced overseas have forced everyone else to follow suit or die.  Even so called “American Made” products are largely built out of components made overseas.  Cheap labor over there is killing companies and closing factories here.  It’s that simple.

I’m working at Vedavoo to prove that it’s still possible to succeed by staying true to American Made Gear!

Every Bag, Backpack, Daypack, Sling, Wallet, Chest Pack, or accessory we make is designed, cut, prepped, built, and finished by hand with pride in the USA. On top of that, the gear we build is made out of inputs that were also produced domestically – American Woven Cordura, National Molding Buckles, YKK Zippers, Velcro USA closures, and American made webbing. Even our thread is produced in the USA. It costs more – a lot more – but it’s money well spent. We’re keeping Americans from being laid off, and doing what we can to keep moving forward.

Vedavoo Made in AmericaHere is what our boy Cameron Mortenson of Fiberglass Manifesto has to say about Scott and the team at

Moldy Chum says...Vedavoo rules.

Shop for your own Vedavoo products in our store in Craig Montana. Or if you can’t wait check it out here at

Even more here at the mother site of Vedavoo. Check it out and support the red, white,and blue!

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  • Awesome…look after local manufacturers before they all disappear.
    Toyota Australia just announced today that they will cease manufacturing in OZ due to cheaper costs overseas…!
    A huge blow to the car industry and other small industries supporting the car makers.
    Not good….

    Buy local I say.

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