Wader Repair

Wader Repair | Aquaseal & Cotol 240

You remember when you tossed those leaky waders in the trunk of your Chevy and told yourself to fix those shitty leaky waders before fall, and streamer fishing…up to your nuts.

Now is the time to get those baby’s out and repaired.

All you need is a tube of Aquaseal and a bottle of Cotol-240.

You certainly need the Cotol-240 if you remember October 3rd with the morning temp not exceeding 29F. Yep, wish you remembered to do this in September.

So, take time out of the big game this weekend and get yoru waders lined out.

Or, better yet, bring them into the office, spread them out on your desk, and have at ‘er. You need a nice flat spot.

Then go to the break room and read this lame blog the new Fly Fisherman.

Or our Headhunters TV Channel. Way more fun than…fixing your waders.

Wader Repair
@ 5.95 per, how can you not have this along. At all times. Makes a perfect gift too!

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