Guides So Nice

Guides so nice…

…we wait for the traffic to pass before we proceed.

Wildlife on Montana’s Missouri River is pretty special.

The entire state of Montana holds viewing opportunities for amazing nature experiences.

This last week we have seen cow Elk, White Tails, Mule Deer, fox, Rocky Mtn. Sheep, Eagles, Goldens too, Osprey, Western Grebe, Blue Heron, Mink, Beaver, coyote, and a ton of other birds too.

We also see a considerable big Browns and tons of Rainbows. Those are the targets here in the watery wonderland of Montana’s Missouri River drainage.

Just a few buzzed anglers stumbling through town with sounds emanating from their jowls sounds of wild animals.

We got more fun times ahead as we watch the leaves turn a new shade nearly daily. Fall is wonderful as we see the flights of waterfowl return. The skies become darker, and the days shorter. The streamers bigger, the brown trout too.

Will you be here?

Guides So Nice
A cool Fox on the Missouri River

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