Fly Tying Night in America

Fly Tying Night in America

Yep, it’s on. Tying tonight in Craig Montana.

Snowing as I write this post and we expect a few inches is all. No wind. Nice!

Been reading Scumliners posts this last week and learning a ton! Maybe he should write more often. I sure enjoy his knowledge and based on the comment stream you certainly do too!

This post about the winter nymphing is fantastic. Make sure to look it up if have not already.

Squeeky is back from a week off in wet Washington State. No fishing. Blown. The Hawks won though. If you had not heard.

The phones are ringing violently with summer, spring, and some fall guide and lodging booking.

Ben McNinch says “If you like June or July in Montana, call soon or we will be lodging you in Helena or Great Falls.”

To keep yourself informed about our wonderful lodging options look at or 

See you tonight if you are so inclined, and this weekend for a spot of trout fishing here on Montana’s Missouri River!

Did you read Scumliners take on winter 2 handed angling? You should. Explains why this technique is a killer winter method.

We still got a ton of 2 Handed Demo Rods that should be used by you, the interested and curious spey caster. Headhunters is your Missouri River source for all things spey! Our February 8th FREE Spey Clinic is filled with standby guests. March 8th is the final Spey Clinic of the year. Get your name on this list if you want to learn this year. It is filling daily as well.

Still snowing here as the snowpack becomes greater making fishing greater for you this summer. We are staring at computers int he shop and starting to think about spring too! Will it arrive soon? No. Still a pile of winter in front of us. Some guided trips out @ $400 Winter Rates. Huh? Take advantage of this winter special and get yourself out of the office before you pop. Craig Trout Camp lodging full tonight and some availability this weekend. Stay starting at $100! Yes, a bargain at that winter price…


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  • Welcom home Mark! You are right about Scumliners posts. Between the two of you, you’ve forgotten more than most would learn in a lifetime on the Mo.
    Write ’em all down before you both forget. See you soon.

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