Happy New Year

We rarely say…

We rarely say…

The dry fly fishing is damn good.

At least on Monday.

Water under the bridge? Yep.

Tomorrow, Tuesday.

Will the fish be as bitey?

Who knows.

We do know that warm night promote early fish rise. If, if there is enough garbage, i.e dead and decomposing flies/insects in the film.

Pleasant Trico hatches daily in conjunction with both hatching and spent caddis, PMD spinners, occasional PMD cripples and duns, ants, hoppers, and more. Truly a fun time head by the dry fly set on Monday. Shop reports from both angling guests, guides, with a nod from he fish gods…and you had Monday on Dam to Mid Canon. Maybe good below as well, but did not hear any reports form downriver.

We rarely say…ow good the dry fly bite has been today, yesterday, this June and July. Drift fishing and posted up Headhunting has been good.

And as always, the statement is “It’s as good as you are” rings true.

Nymphing report? Ahh, tomorrow. Let us relish and reflect on the day that was Monday.


Disclaimer: This is one mans report. Lots of verification from local guides, guests, and rando’s wandering through Craig too. Rando’s that can reach cast.


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