Hump Day Tips

Wednesday Workshop

Wednesday Workshop

Several, maybe 20, tips for the week and weekend ahead. Some rain, maybe some snow NO!!, some sunshine, and lower waters? Maybe. A soft week on the river as many are hungover from the April Spring Specials.

Out of area guides and outfitters will be in our neighborhood for the next couple months. A function of high water river displacement. And realization that the Mo is a consistent strong river.

Will we see you in May, or June, or July? Think about August for your break from reality. August can fish well and it has for the previous 2 years. Book your trip today with our crack booking staff @ 406-235-3447.

Here are 20 Tips for you, our favorite angler!

  1. Fish early. Fish late. The most common put in time is about 9am. If you want, wait and get out about 10-11am. Filter in behind the masses.
  2. Bring beer. Stop in and get ICE from Headhunters of Craig. Flies too. Best flies int he Big Sky.
  3. Brown water too. If you are so inclined.
  4. Joe’s Bar open til 2 am. Shotgun Annie’s in WC open til 9pm for dinner, later for cocktails.
  5. Izaak’s open nightly at 4pm. The fresh sheet has been loaded with goodies this past month. Real good. My personal fav has been the Blackened Barramundi with Rustic Spaghetti! Inhaled it.
  6. Headhunters open daily @ 8am. Late too til at least 9pm. Late shuttles. Stop in for the best local fly selection. Procured by underground Craig internet legend 7wt.
  7. Fish Deep. Sows. BWO nymphs. Sowbugs, get some at your favorite fly shop.
  8. The secret stuff includes March Brown Nymphs, Peep Show’s, S & M, Pearl Lightening Bug, Little Green Machine, Two Bit Hooker, Ball Gag, Arnold’s Simi Scud, Zirdle Bugs, White Zonkers, UV Czech’s, Olive Caddis Pupa, Translucent Pupa, Purple Weight Flies…
  9. Your Lodging SuperStore
  10. If you are camping get here early fo the weekend push.
  11. Get your life jackets out. Or know where they are in the boat. Do a safety check in and on and inside your boat. Extra oar, oar lock, first aid kit, Duct Tape, knife to cut anchor rope, throw line, cell phone. Be prepared. Be safe. It’s 10K man.
  12. Respect the water. Be safe.
  13. Respect other anglers and boats.
  14. Wade fishing at the dam. And a few other select spots. Check with the fly shop for additional locations. 10K presents wade fishing issues. Stop in the sop for a free map and suggestions on how to access the river during these high(er) water periods.
  15. Enjoy the weekend ahead. It will be busy here on the Mighty Missouri River.
  16. It’s gonna be fun too.
  17. Fish are moving up in faster waters. Do not forget about the soft lame ass kind of water that holds tons of fish. Fish that too. But look for the fish to be more active as our water temps increase.
  18. BWO’s on the lower. Fewer boats lower.
  19. Check out our developing Sticker selection. Super sweet.
  20. Mega new and fantastic in house designed HH Logo Wear from our crack design teamSara and John. The best we’ve had in 12 years. Really nice, original, T’s for you and your family. Hats too!, May, PRos, Secrets, tips, Wednesday
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