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Weekend Update 8.7.21

Weekend Update 8.7.21

The weekend update including the fishing report and local updates for all things Missouri River Montana including greater Craiglandia.

Headhunters Fly Shop Closed early Sunday 8.8.21 4pm for employee party.

Shop open daily 530am for all yer early start info, reports, flies, shuttles, and sunscreen.

Check out the FWP Closures & Restrictions on waterbodies here in Montana.

Trico’s. Daily, Our tiny insect hatch that gets us through the month of August. Spinner fall is the key. 9am-ish daily. Unless it blows. Clusters, spinners, Harrop’s, CDC, Griffith’s, small tiny Adams, Double Wings. Oh, and a slack line drift of some sort. Not just a couple drifts of good, lots of drifts of good. Honest.

Hoppers. Yes. We like pink and tan. Color ’em up if you like. IT sure is fun. Twitching has been good. Big difference between twitch’ and draggin’.

Most stuffed on the upper reaches. Pretty quiet in the canyon. Some down low as well.

Hoot Owl in effect. Fishing Midnight to 2pm. On early, off early.

Nymphers enjoying a light weed year. Low water generally equals low weeds. Not an issue quite yet. Keep it tuned in here for the pertinent updates you the Mo River angler needs. Your information source of all thing Mo.

Nymphers also like the bigger bug up top and the littler bug below. Rubberlegs, Craw’s, Worms, and Zirdles. And tie on a Zebra or small black mayfly nymphal pattern. OR a double Zebra rig will catch ’em.

Streamer anglers using the net. Small, thin middle river flats. Black, white, grey?

Wade fishing paradise right now. Light traffic. Smoke. Saturday afternoon with the winds blew out the smoke and we saw blue skies for the first time in a month.

Harris Mountain Fire Updates here. 40% contained. Rain tomorrow. Douse it baby.

Light traffic this month. Warm water temps. Could cool as we move into a week of cooler nights and some rain Sunday. We encourage that kind of movement. Bring it.

See you here in Craig. Stop in say hello. Get a shuttle, learn about a hot new fly, don one of our sun shirts, get a Dead Drifter sticker, and head out to the river.


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