Welcome to the Montana Spring

I think it has arrived.

The calendar says yes. Mother Nature says yes.

I saw the first sign of spring this previous Tuesday. At least the first spring marker for me.

The first Bluebird.

I have not seen the Robin, which is another true indicator. But have heard they are around.

Osprey come very soon. Usually by the end of the month, but I suspect I may see one flying very soon!

The mechanisms of the Montana Spring have certainly begun.

How about you? Have you slipped into the Montana Spring Mode? Looking forward to the summer and fall making your fishing plans? Now is the time. If you want to motivate yourself and your fishing partner(s) turn up the heat.

The actual timing of the vernal equinox is this afternoon at 445pm our time. But we have started celebrating here at the shop with a box full of fat pills donuts and black coffee.

Headhunters Montana Spring

Our annual Spring Special is already in full effect. Spring has arrived at Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service. $350 Guide Trips and discounted spring lodging pricing has brought some folks from around the state to the Missouri this last week. Looks like HH may have the only advertised Spring Special on the MO. Take advantage of it! Look us up for a spot in the boat this spring.

The ground squirrels are digging holes in the local fields. the Bluebirds are moving through. The Robins are here. The Meadowlarks are singing their recognizable tune. The Golden Eye’s will be fleeing very soon. The shuttle crew is showing up earlier every week. Long locked up Montana anglers are dusting off their fly gear and visiting the river for the first time. The hard core 12 month anglers are shifting into 3rd gear looking forward to pushing it further. The Trout Spey casters are getting it done for another couple months before embracing their 9′ 5 weights. The dry fly anglers are staring through the binoculars seeing those roaming noses huffing Fly-Agra becoming excited for more and more action as we move toward summer.

Weekend traffic will continue to increase this month and by the time we get into April we will be in full swing. All of the HH Guides are on board by mid month.

Warm this morning at nearly 40F 9am. Should reach upwards and beyond 60F this afternoon. Maybe even the middle 60’s.

Spring is the annual inception of trout fishing excitement. Similar to spring love arrives the feeling of a new dawn, beginning, and all of those March cliche’s marks the start of yet again, something new. A tme to learn, a time to grow, a time to fish.

We’ll have our Spring Smiles on for a while here on the Missouri River. We welcome yours as well.

Check out Scumliner Media’s Mobile¬†Fishing Report for March!


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