What I want to be when I Grow Up.

I think I want to be a Punk Rock Star.

I haven’t  always wanted to be one.  But later in life I definitely think it would be cool.

I’m not nearly cool enough though. And I recognize that. Fishing guide will have to suffice for this period of life.

A Pro Baseball Player. I have always wanted to be a baseball player.

I have always entertained loftier goals. You are supposed to. It’s healthy!

As a kid I wanted to be…

  1. Pro Baseball Player
  2. Big Band Leader
  3. World Cup Skier

As an adult I think I would like to be…

  1. Punk Rock Star.
  2. Pro Baseball Player
  3. Fishing Guide.

So I got one on that list.

I always discourage friends from becoming fishing guides. I heard the same rhetoric when I was thinking about becoming a fishing guide.

But like so many before me, and so many after me…I totally disregard logic.

It’s just like television. It’ll rot your brain.

The peak guide season is over. While we will have some guide trips out this winter for the TroutSpey gang and those who love to get out and nymph some trout up, the peak is over.

Most fishing guides are ready for a break and will be seeking employment in the ski business or taking the winter off.

Recovering. Building strength again for the sun baked long fishing days and those alcohol soaked evenings that always end too soon.

And then morning again.

As Superguide says “Groundhog Day.”

So as a tribute to all trout guides in Montana we present you with Green Day’s Braninstew/Jaded video. This is a the definition of what your brain feels like after am 8 month run guiding trout anglers…Brainstew. And somewhat Jaded.


Hey, what do you want to be?

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