When slumping, go back to the beginning.

When slumping, go back to the beginning.

Been in a slump this last week. I’m done guiding daily and it is time to take myself fishing.

I like fishing for me. I like fishing with me too.

But I have been sucking. Slumping is really too tame a description.

Fishing badly. Poorly. Really just awful.

So today I went back to my roots. I wade fished a couple spots that I use to love. That I spent an inordinate amount of time fishing at 20-odd years ago. I went back home. Back to the beginning.

The last spot of the day is a great wade fish run with soft water. Perfect for my soft hackle.

I had fished the soft hackle for most of the last week with limited success. A few fish daily, but not really the bite I had expected or anticipated. Pretty poor overall.

Mostly smaller fish with a few several breakoff’s of larger fish that I totally farmed.

Maybe I was fishing water that was too fast. Wrong flies? Poor swinging technique? Probably the latter.

As I stepped into the run I saw a couple soft movements of trout in really skinny water. Would my soft hackle bring a trout to hand? I felt quite comfortable in this run. Like a homecoming.

Memories of hours spent wandering around this island set with fishing friends flooded my head. Warm memories. Fond memories. Fishy memories.

The 7th cast a solid tug. Fish on.

Your are never too old to go back to the beginning.

go back to the beginning., When slumping
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