Winter is around the corner

Winter is around the corner

Winter is around the corner

Snowing Tuesday afternoon. This may be the last of fall.

Not that we had much fall around these parts.

A smattering of guide trips out this last week and coming this weekend.

This could be our 8th snow storm of the early winter. Winter arrived early and continues to remind us that we live int eh Rocky Mountains. At 3400 feet. In eastern Montana.

If you want in before all hell breaks loose. Come this week. Temps dip pretty seriously this next week. I’d fish now.

We did a post last week about fishing right now. Yes, still true this week. Time is slipping past us here on the river.

The swing bite has been both hot and cold. Looking forward to the remainder of the week and we hope the fish are hungry.

Recent nymphing anglers have been setting the bar with the short leash. It seems as thought the fish have not settled into the winter lanes yet. Fish it short if you cannot find them in the tank winter water yet.

Water temps stable at 41F. The water levels have been jacked around a bit and we hope it levels out. More on that later.

Nobody around. Pretty nice. Stop in for coffee, general BS, and of course early Christmas shopping.

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