Do Wolves Change Rivers?

Here’s an interesting video that was sent to me by a person who has no particular interest either way when it comes to Wolves, rivers or fish. He just thought I might be interested in it. The film-maker George Monbiot purports that a Trophic Cascade effect has taken place in YNP since the reintroduction of Wolves, resulting in much improved habitat for many inhabitants of that ecosystem. He quotes no specific data or studies in the film. Before you comment here, read the long list of comments below the video on Youtube, or better yet here at Films For Action. Interesting. A polarizing figure and subject.


rivers, wolves, ynp
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  • Layne Hinckley
    March 7, 2014 8:30 pm

    How much do you believe from a “scientist” that does not know the difference between Elk and Deer. North Fork of the Clearwater in Idaho no longer has a wolf “problem” because the wolfs have eaten all the elk and have now moved on to new places. Send the wolfs to the live with the wolf lovers and let them eat their pets and see if that changes the environment from the top down.

  • Very interesting video, much less interesting are the usual YouTube rants.
    The way I see it, all ecosystems balance themselves out, one way or another.
    It’s only when man decides to change things to suit himself that ecosystems do start to become unbalanced.
    The reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone can be viewed as either a positive or a negative.
    Much depends on where YOU sit in the food chain…!

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