YETI Rambler vs. Tervis Tumbler Test and Review

YETI Rambler vs. Tervis Tumbler Test and Review

The jury is in and we have a winner.

I set out to test the validity of the claims on YETI Coolers website about this supposed best insulated tumbler of all time. The reviews from their very own website were outlandish! Check this…

I bought the Yeti Rambler Two weeks ago from my local outfitters store. Honestly, it is just the best mug, cup, drink carrier out there. I have had this for a little over two weeks and the yeti rambler is amazing and has kept my coffee, beer, sweet tea, and water the perfect temp every time. I take a sip and wow, just WOW. This thing is amazing! I can’t believe how ice cold the water is in the middle of the night as I’m taking a sip while checking on the newborn. Absolutely amazing how the liquid is still ice cold after 8 hrs. That is if I haven’t downed it already.



I was skeptical. I, we, you see all kinds of bullshit spread around by all kinds of folks. You gotta do your own research.

So I decided to my own research. Why not do the test in conjunction with the Tervis Tumbler. One of our favorite drink companions the Tervis Tumbler has been in our hands with various types of liquids including Vodka, coffee, beer, Kool-Aid, and too many other liquids to list.

YETI Rambler vs. Tervis Tumbler Test and Review

YETI Rambler Headhunters Fly Shop
Filled cups 7:46pm.  2 cups. 1 Winner.

The Set-Up

YETI Rambler vs. Tervis Tumbler Test and Review
Ice for the test

One YETI Rambler 20oz against one Tervis Tumbler 16oz mug. The air temperature in my kitchen was a constant 68F. I filled both with 163 grams of ice @ 7:46pm. Both had lids on. The YETI Rambler 20oz with the lid it came with which is clear plastic with a drinking hole in it. A rubber gasket allows for a close and tight fitting lid. The Tervis Tumbler had a lid too, the after maker lid with a sliding/closing drink hole. I left it slid open to mimic the YETI version as closely as possible.

Ed Note: I gotta say that the sliding close/open option on the Tervis Tumbler is nice. When driving down shitty dirt roads it is nice to close the lid as not to slosh the cocktail coffee all over your pants on front seat of your truck. The YETI Rambler lid does not have a closed option.

Tervis Tumble loses 158 grams in less than 8hrs.
Tervis Tumble loses 158 grams in less than 8hrs.

8 Hours later…

First ice check of the Headhunters Fly Shop test v.1 of YETI Rambler vs. Tervis Tumbler Test and Review was at 5:11 in the morning. The Tervis Tumbler 16oz had lost 158 grams of its original 163 grams of ice. The YETI Rambler 20oz is starting to look good already.

The YETI Rambler 20 oz. only lost 20 grams of ice at 5:11 in the morning. A trickle of water poured from the YETI Rambler.

Only 20 grams lost at 7 1/2 hrs.
Only 20 grams lost at 7 1/2 hrs.

Just awesome. Clearly the winner at this point, nearly 8 hours in to the test, is the YETI Rambler.

YETI Rambler has the edge…

Air temperatures still holding at 68F. The ice in the YETI was rock solid. No bad ice here.

Fast forward to 1:26pm, now near 18hrs of ice in the YETI Rambler I poured out another 48 grams. Still plenty of ice to cool your beverage here! Performing much better than I anticipated for sure.

Rock solid ice.
Rock solid ice.

24 Hours into the test…

At nearly 24 hrs into the YETI Rambler vs. Tervis Tumbler Test and Review the YETI still had plenty of ice. Honest. The photos prove it.

I have used the Tervis Tumbler since our good friend Capt. Scott Yetter introduced me to the Professional Drinking Cup a number of years ago. I adopted it and had been bragging them up ever since. Hot coffee in the morning and cold cocktails int he afternoon. Rocked it in the boat for guests and at home for guests.

I may be changing my tune as of today. The YETI Rambler is clearly the mug to have in your possession this holiday period and beyond. Pick up a few of them for your friends, and for your wife.

The ice after 24 hours. YETI Rambler is the clear winner.
The ice after 24 hours. YETI Rambler is the clear winner.

The Tervis Tumbler is out of the game. But, it comes in at under 12 bucks. The YETI Rambler 20 oz is not cheap at a penny under 30 bucks. The performance alone may push you towards the YETI product although the Tervis Tumbler with the lid configuration and if you can pick up nearly 3 of them for the same price as one YETI Rambler you may find yourself filling your kitchen cabinets with a few Tervis products.

YETI Rambler the clear Winner!

I have not done a test on hot liquids but I am sure it will fare just fine. I have had several cups of coffee from the YETI Rambler and love it. Holds the temp well.

We have both for your pleasure at Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig Montana. Give us a call and we will use the magic of YETI, no the magic of the USPS and get a few in the mail for you this holiday season.


Tervis Tumbler, YETI, YETI Rambler 20oz
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  • I do not quite understand the need to keep my drink /ice cold or my coffee hot for more than a few minutes. I like to knock back my G&Ts like a guide at last call. (or more like a guide first thing in the A.M.) I like my coffee 1/2 &1/2. black with Rye. I learned that from my favorite guide. She said it settled her down enough to light a puff buddy and tie on a size 8 royal madam X for her client. “I Always start with an attractor” she said. “At least until my eyes start to focus that is.” That’s good advice. If I need more ice I just open my 12 Qt. igloo reach in push the half dozen trout ( Yes, I keep all my fish!) out of the way and scoop up a nice handful of fresh ice. I don’t see a problem with that.

  • maybe. if it involves keeping you smilin’.

  • Janet Walker
    May 12, 2015 3:08 pm

    I love my 30oz tumbler. But there is 1 thing I would love to have with it and that’s a closable lid. You know the kind where nothing can fall or fly into my drink. Please make a closable lid for the 20oz and the 30oz tumblers. Thank you very much for making such an AWESOME product!

  • This is very helpful!! I’m interested to know how well it keeps hot drinks hot too. My husband drives 20-30 min to work and drinks his coffee on the way and when he gets to work.

    • Jesse Peterson
      November 4, 2015 7:36 am

      I put ice in mine at 7:00 am, the next day I am throwing small ice cubes out. 24 hours later. I promise you will not be disappointed with this cup. Maybe the price tag.

    • Coffee stays hot for hours, literally hours! I can start a second cup on the way to the office, get there, get busy and go back to it 2-3 hours later and it’s just like I just brewed it!! I never leave home without both the 20 and 30oz cup!

  • Did you ever fo a hot liquid test? That up is my main use and I have seen a few negative reviews on that.

  • Yes it keeps hot hot for hours. Some may say who takes hours to drink a cup of coffee? When the coffee is as hot after 2 hours as it was when ya poured it. It takes that long to drink a 30 oz cup full. Love my yeti. Gonna get another

  • Quit buying this made in China crap!

  • Thanks for your great review! I tend to be pretty skeptical about such huge claims, so your experiment was perfect.

    By the way, you are so very smart…this is not an ad for me?

  • Love the yeti tumbler wish it was made in the USA and had a lid that closed.

  • Great test. I love my Yeti products. Bullet proof. Made in China,…near everything is made there. Would it be any different if made in the US? I’m guessing not….well maybe add on a few more dollars. Keep up the good work, Yeti.

  • Can the yeti cup be placed in the refridgerator overnight, and not damage it?

    • I keep a cold ice tea by my side all evening while reading or watching TV. When I get ready for bed, I put what is left in the fridge and have a nice cold drink ready for the next morning. As far as I can tell there is no damage being done.

  • This is super useful. Living in New Orleans which feels like the third circle of hell right now, keeping your drink cold is of the utmost importance. Thanks for the info!

  • I love my yeti rambler. However, I do not like the fact that there is no plug for the drinking hole.. While drinking water and non carbonated beverages is great, I am a soda drinker too and on those days I need a carbonated drink to stay carbonated as long as possible. I rigged my own plug using a thick piece of paper folded to fit snugly in place. It works great except that it has to be changed daily. The carbonation causes the paper to become wet and eventually soggy and falls apart. It is still.better than no.plug at all…. Yeti surely you can invent a rubber hole stopper to keep carbonated drinks fizzy as well as not spill out from the hole on a bumpy ride. Honestly, it should have been made already but I am.waiting patiently for you to make one so I can purchase it. Thank you.

    • Try using one of the foam earplugs, just squeeze it in your fingers, insert into the opening and it will swell back to the original size and seal the hole. Reusable, washable and cheap.

  • Shame on Yeti that took pride in USA MADE when I got one as a gift I told my buddy no cant keep it cause living in Texas I’m a big spend our cash on products made in the states.. Shame on yeti claims USA and starting in Driftwood?

  • Yeti all the way!!!

  • Joshua Roberson
    August 19, 2015 6:34 am

    Quick question, you have a scale yet you didn’t last how much these heavy jokers actually weigh? What is the dry weight of each?

  • Mark Linnstaedt
    August 23, 2015 6:13 pm

    I have 3 – 20 oz Yeti tumblers and 1 – 30 oz Yeti tumbler. 1 for each vehicle and 1 (30 oz) full of ice water next to my bed, for in the morning! Hot or cold, this is the best tumbler I have run across. It keeps things at just the right temp for as long as I need. I put a drink in the Icebox and it lasted even longer. Sometime ya can’t take a special drink with you. hehehe

  • No Made in USA no buy.

  • Awesome keeps drink hot or cold just needs where you can close in case of turn over plan on purchasing more for holiday gifts

  • Everyone complaining about the “not made in the usa”. Can you please tell me where you got your american made tv in your house. Or your computer or cell phone or power tools or furniture. Or childrens toys

  • I love my Yeti tumbler. I received it as a gift and enjoy it for sure. It keeps hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold for a long time. I don’t like the made in China part but it is the beat tumbler

  • I heard of the Yeti Tumbler from my BIL Chris. He loves his. Plus with this review I am getting one for sure. I can tell you why there is no hole in the Yeti Tumbler. If it had a hole in it the ice would melt and the hot coffee would get cold. Even a sliding lid would allow the temperture to raise or lower in the Yeti Tumbler which would cause the ice to melt or the coffee to get cold. Once I get my Yeti Tumbler I will review it myself. Again great review. Thanks for sharing, Mike

    • Mike, you have it backwards. It does have sipping and back pressure holes. Spills easily but I still wouldn’t trade my 30 for anything .

  • Seriously Mark… you’re comparing a Yeti against what appears to be a fishy, non-insulated cup? C’mon, if you’re gonna compare something against the Yeti, use something around the same price, and um, I don’t know, maybe something that boast near the same insulation claims. Ijs

  • I love my Yeti 30 BUT I spill regularly. I’ll be happy when a closable lid comes out! One thing I have learned: do not fill your Yeti with too much ice if your using it for water! If you do you drink all your water and it will take half a day for the ice to melt enough to give you more water. I used to pack my Tervis as full as possible with ice then I’d have plenty of water for the day as it melted. But the end of the day all I’d have left in my Tervis would be room temp water. My Yeti will still be half full of ice and that’s with only starting just above half full of ice. You can also leave it in your hot car all day and come back to at least cold water!

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