2 Must Have Fly Fishing Items

2 Must Have Fly Fishing Items

2 Must Have Fly Fishing Items

The only two I gotta have with me at all times.

The Ketchum Release is #1. Use it to keep fish handling to a minimum. If you have it attached to your net, you truly have no need to touch the trout. Once you get on board with the Ketchum Release you will never leave home without it. Honest.

Hook Sharpener. You should always have one in your possession. You do catch more fish with sharp hooks. Never heard one dude argue against that logic. Yet…

Fishing license is pretty important too. Get your 2018 Montana Fishing License on your way by. Or online. Or at your local fishing shack. They are on sale now.


Ed Note: I see that I wrote this same post a year ago. I’m not changing it. It makes my brain jiggle a bit just thinking about writing another article. I gotta stop the jiggling somehow  Spring Training baseball starts on Friday. Mind numbing February cold air temps force me into the same mental state year after year. My mind is pretty spongy right now. 

Hook Sharpener, Ketchum Release
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  • We had a thaw two weeks ago and with longer days it felt as if spring was close………to bad, not so fast. Minus 18 on way to work. That is a record for us.
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