Two Tools Squeeky cannot live without.

Two Tools Squeeky cannot live without

Two Tools Squeeky cannot live without

The only tool I cannot live without is the Ketchum Release Tool.

No nippers? No problem.

No Release Tool? I freak out.

I have several back-ups in the boat if one happens to break. One day I broke two. No worries. I have several back-ups.

There was a time I did not have any back-ups. What a frightening day. Never again.

The second tool that we all need is a hook sharpener. If you have lots of flies, you can get away without one. But if you like to get everything out of your hand tied or fly shop purchased fly…you need a hook sharpener.

There are a few of them out there. Why not get a couple?

The Two Tools that Squeeky cannot live without are the Ketchum Release Tool and a Hook Sharpener.

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  • Love the new look and feel of the website. Clean.

  • “The Blog” is off to a great start for ’17 ! Always topical.
    I worked as a volunteer under Dick Vincent shocking on the Madison between Macatee and Varney back in the mid 70s. Cool dude. If you fish in Montana he made it great. Should put a statue of him in front of the FFF museum in livingston. Just sayin…
    Opinion from an old guy- FWP should add the cost of a Ketchum release to every license so everybody has one
    And great post on the 2nd, Mark! My buddy Walt, a professor for many years, was presented a plaque at his retirement party on which was printed the opening statement he made to every Psychology 101 class he taught. “There are only three groups of people that the finest minds in the field of psychology will never fully understand: Dead Heads, the bozos that invented Skoal Bandits and flyfishermen”.
    I always thought that should be printed on t shirts.
    Make it a tad warmer out there so we can all get out and play in the river with our new Christmas toys. Can’t wait to read what you post tomorrow! Thanks Mark

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