2021 Montana Fishing Licenses

2021 Montana Fishing Licenses

It’s time to renew your Montana State Fishing License for 2021. The new license will be valid March 1st thru February 28th 2022.

We are fortunate in Montana to have beautiful scenery. Great fishing. But sometimes not so good in the communication department.

The current Montana FWP system is antiquated and near death. Consequently our machinery has gone belly up and the department is not sending anymore license hardware.

So you gotta get it online, or on your phone, online. This is the direction the state is headed anyways similar to many other states in the Union. Then you can just have it on your phone, and that is considered legal in this state. You can of course print the license off on  your home computer if you wish to have a hard copy too.

So our strong suggestion is for you to get your Montana Fishing License at home, before your trip, and put it on your phone. Then you will have it when you arrive.

As many of you know the internet service in Craig is less than terrific. The cell service is equally as poor. We do have a cell booster in the cozy confines of the Headhunters Fly Shack, WiFi too. Both sketchy at best. So you can get your license when you arrive, but we again suggest you take the pain from the equation and get it at home. 

Save you a step for sure.

That is the message today from the HH Blog. Get your license at Home for speedy entry into the fantastic fishy world of Montana 2021!

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  • Max Mattioli
    March 6, 2021 8:09 am

    Bought my license and printed it off at home in minutes! FWP’s new-look website is more user-friendly than in the past. Put the paper license in a zip-lock baggie which goes in the waders or in the boat bag. Very easy to keep this on your person, but a redundant system is my preferred method so I also snap a photo for an electronic copy, which is accepted in the state of Montana.

    All guests coming out can buy and print their licenses at home, and keep an electronic copy on their phones. Showing up to Craig legal beagle will save everyone time!

    A hot tip for keeping your electronic copy of your fishing license handy is to create an album on your phone titled “Fishing License”. That way when the warden asks to see your license, you don’t have to reach to bottom of the dry bag or scroll through a thousand photos to find it.

    Another hot tip for buying a fishing license: memorize your state-issued ALS#. This is your birthdate, followed by a number. This will make it easier to login to MyFWP, as well as purchase in-store. This is especially helpful if your name is say David Johnson, or John Davidson, or Mike Roberts, or Robert Michaels etc. Your birthdate, followed by a number. And remember to keep your personal info, such as your mailing address, up to date.

    Technology is pretty simple really. Do this stuff at home, and enjoy your trip a little more!


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