3 Guide Tips

3 Guide Tips for Fall Missouri River Success

Do you ever fall into a rut? Fish the same water every trip. Fish it because you had success some time ago, some trip where you caught a bunch of beauties?

Then, it just has no t been the same? Yah, we all fall into those patterns. The repeated behaviors that are not all that smart.

We all do.

The key to success is to not become static. Slovenly behaviors like fly fishing guides that do not produce fish, or even fun are buzz killers.

Get off of that bus man. Wake up and become active, dynamic, excited. Don your thinking cap.  Turn it around so the bill is facing the front.

Today, Sunday, a generally slow readership day…you get a bonus. Knowledge draped in baloney. Yum.

3 Guide Tips for Fall Missouri River Success

Put yourself in successful situations…most of the time.

Example: Trying to catch rising trout in a pond. They are roamers making a whole series of bad decisions. Like teenagers. Totally unpredictable behavioral patterns.

You know the situation. Some sort of good looking spot, with absolutely no chance of catching fish. You may have dumb lucked into one previously, or last trip. That does not mean you can replicate that success, no luck. Do not do it. Or, if you like to fool yourself, try for 5 minutes. Put a limit on it and then move. Get the hell out.

Don’t waste time in unsuccessful situations. It is not productive or smart!

Control Group/Experimental Group

Most guides, when guiding have a control group, and an experimental group. They have the flies that worked yesterday on one fellers rig, and some shit that a fly shop kid told them worked.

A set up that is proven, and one that is not. That is how you learn. Trying new stuff, new flies.

Another scenario is fishing the guests at two different depths. Like a dry dropper rig for one. The other guest may have a medium depth nymph rig. Find the location of the fish by killing two birds. Yep, two stones? Maybe I don’t have that parable right in my head.

Trying new flies is the way to learn. Keep it fresh. Keep changing. Se what the fish will eat! One rig that works, and one that you think might work. Try it!

Have Fun! Above all, this is the goal. To relax, unwind, enjoy the day!

Just calm down. Fishing is not always about catching. Pull over and chat. Tell some bad jokes stories if you wish. Get loose.

Catching is fun…but when you take that off the table sometimes you actually catch more.

And, it’s what you go home with that is important. The destination may be the journey.

Think about it.

These are 3 Guide Tips that are used on a daily basis. To set the tone for the day. We all like to pound on them. Utilize tip #2. We all love to have fun! Tip #3. Tip #1 will allow you to be more efficient. Fishing efficiency always puts more fish in the net.

Happy Friday. Enjoy the outdoors. Go fishing.


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