5 Ways New Fly Lines make you Smile!

5 Ways New Fly Lines make you Smile!

5 Ways New Fly Lines make you Smile!

Think you need a new fly line? I do.

I think you need a new fly line.

The simple truth is just this. It is the vehicle that delivers the fly to the target.

A Simple Fact.

5 Ways New Fly Lines make you Smile!

  1. Delivers the fly to the target. Smoothly and effortlessly.
  2. Dirty old fly lines are the work of the Devil.
  3. Like things that have not been used much, like old tires with just a few miles on them, like old milk. Old barely used fly lines are generally not too good. Kinked and smelly.
  4. Overused old fly lines tangle lots. You know what I mean. I see lots of tangly lines. Clean them often. Daily is best. Remember the fly line is the vehicle that delivers the fly to the target.
  5. Many folks buy new fly rods. Smarter folks buy new fly lines and keep the good ‘ol rod.
  6. A bonus method. You catch more fish. Period. That is a bonus!

We love new fly lines. Everybody does. It is like new socks but better.

It is the feel good product of fly fishing.

Headhunters has a bundle of DEMO fly lines for your demo pleasures. Think you want a new one but don’t know which fly line matches you SAGE One? What line should accompany your streamer rod? Why nymphing lines perform well when trout fishing subsurface? We got the answers.

We pride ourselves on knowing more that the average bear, or fly shop, about fly lines for the Missouri River. And why not? It is in our own backyard.

We have over 75 different fly lines in stock. A mountain of RIO Fly Lines for both single and double handers with all of the dry line options offered by RIO. RIO, Airflo, Cortland, Orvis, and Wulff lines available for your fishing pleasure.

Come in and try one out. Come in and let’s discuss your fly line needs. Come in and we’ll spin up a new line for you today.

It’s a cinch. It’ll make you fish better. It’ll make you Smile!



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  • You’re absolutely right Mark!
    So many think its (only) the rod that makes casting easy & pleasurable while the fly line will do more.
    In fact, matching the right line on the rod does wonders.

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