Achilles Last Stand Led Zeppelin

Achilles Last Stand Led Zeppelin

Montana’s Last Stand this weekend.

And float and fish they have been. Today again as many Saturdays in the past month have been the Montanans were out in force.

A 100 boat trailers at Mid Canon. Yessir. More Dearborn River floaters than anyone, yes anybody, has ever seen.

All Montanans.

So before the out of state gates are open the residents of this fine state are fishing, drifting, recreating, on our fabulous Montana resources.

So, this may be Montana’s Last Stand.

One of Squeeky’s favorite tunes by the Mighty Zep. Live with the boys ripping it up in ’77 and ’79.

Check out the story on this tune.

Enjoy your final weekend without outside influences Montana. Monday is a new day.

Turn this one up. Loud. Page would approve.


Achilles Last Stand, Achilles Last Stand Led Zeppelin, The Mighty Zep
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  • Marty Thomas
    June 6, 2020 11:33 am

    Interwoven sections and multiple, overdubbed guitar parts / Rock On MR!

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