Montana Opens the borders today

Montana Opens the Borders Today

Montana Opens the borders today

Today is the day when Montana opens its borders to out fo state and non quarantined visitors.

And that is a big deal.

June 1st the Governor will allow anglers, visitors, tourists access to the Last Best Place. Including the not so sleepy fishing town of Craig Montana. We are ready.

But before we get too high on the reality of inviting back our friends from east, west, north, and south of here we’d like to set the tone for you the visiting angler about to arrive in Craig.

Craig, MT

First a little recent history. Montana has been fortunate to have the lowest Covid incident, infection rate in the nation. Less than 20 deaths with approximately 500 infections.

One of the reasons we believe this to be true is how we as a community, in the greater sense meaning Montana, is handling the Covid Crisis. Montana was one of the first to close the state borders, instill the 14 day quarantine, and follow the stay at home orders. Couple that with the population mass registering at the 1 million mark for the entire state with densities very low. Montana is the 48th in population and 4th in size.

Craig has 40-ish residents. I’m pretty sure that not one of them is interested in making this small dusty community a hot spot. For the record, we here at Headhunters are interested in continuing down the sanitized, safe path.

A few ground rules for you the Craig Montana visitor

Covid-19 still exists. It still has Montanans infected. But as mentioned above we have done a fair job and keeping the numbers low. It is damn important that we continue these efforts.

We are wearing masks at the store. We encourage our guests to wear masks while in the store. If you do, we will reward you with a free fly! If you choose not to wear a mask that’s OK too. We are of the belief that prevention works, and whatever your belief may be we understand. We at Headhunters are interested in prevention.

We are following Physical/Social distancing practices inside the store. Maximum 10 people please. While Guido the Bouncer may not be at the front door, Max Rubino may be. While slight in stature, he is one tough cookie. Please respect distancing protocols at the shop. While you may not believe it matters, it is quite possible one of the other guests may have underlying health issues that you, or I are not aware of. Understand that every person is different.

Knowing that we will practice a sanitized safety forward fun fly fishing experience for you, and they, and us, and them, allows Headhunters to provide a positive experience for all visiting anglers.

Headhunters has hand sanitizer posted at our entrance as well as strategic locations throughout the store for you comfort.

Feel free to use the TakeAway Window for any shuttle services, morning guide check in and fishing license needs. Our state  licensing system is AFU again and while we wait for out 3rd hard drive to arrive we encourage you to get your Montana State Fishing License Online to ease your pain while this untimely malfunction shakes out.

We are taking reservations for guide trips, lodging, and boat rentals. Our full time booking guru Julie will get you set up with the right riverfront property and the fishing guide that suits your needs and desires.

What the hiccup for may have been so far is coordinating travel to and from Craig Montana. If you are not driving the flight status if you do not know already is sketchy.

Getting into and out of Montana via jet airplane has proven to be difficult. So, while Montana is open for out of state visitors, the path of entry can sometimes be blocked.

We are asking you to take a look at the flights to Montana before you get too excited about your summer 2020 dry fly vacation.


While we have very good availability for the next two weeks, it may be problematic to travel efficiently. Call Julie and get your dates in the books after you put the travel puzzle together

Airports in Montana along with travel times via car to Craig Montana

  • Great Falls MT: 45 minutes
  • Helena MT: 45 minutes
  • Butte MT: 75 minutes
  • Bozeman MT: 2 hours
  • Missoula MT: 2 hours
  • Billings MT: 4.5 hours
  • Kalispell MT; 3.5 hours
  • Spokane WA: 5.5 hours
  • Salt Lake City UT: 7.5 hours
  • Denver CO: 12 hours

Give Julie a call 406-868-5473 for your summer guide trips and lodging reservations.

Guide Trips

Guide Trips leaving daily from Headhunters of Craig. Our professional full time career fishing guides are keeping a tight ship! Daily cleansing of the boat along with sanitizing process will assure your safety on all guide trips from Headhunters.

Phase 2 protocols still include distancing suggestions. Will you wear a mask in the boat? Your guide is interested in keeping all parties safe on the water. A discussion before you leave in the morning with your fishing guide will structure the fishing day for safety and success.

Bring your own rods, waders, and water bottle if you wish.

Great Headhunters Guides available for the next couple weeks and beyond. Take advantage of the wonderful dry fly angling coming up this month!

Missouri River Food

Lunches provided by Headhunters from Mo River Eats. Owner Kelli Wilson is hyper diligent in conducting safe handling practices of all food products.

To schedule a Pick-Up for your order, please contact us directly at (406) 217-2321- call or text.

We also deliver to Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig, MT. Delivery times vary but we make a stop 7 days a week.

  • You can also get dinner delivered to your door and breakfast too! Give Kelli a shout to design your perfect dining experience.
  • Izaak’s of Craig Open Wednesday thru Sunday 3-9pm.
  • Shotgun Annie’s of Wolf Creek daily 11-8. Breakfast weekends 730am.
  • A couple bars in Cascade Montana with a good burger. Open daily.
  • Joe’s Bar in Craig picnic tables mostly open daily.

Shop from Home!

Headhunters OnLine store is open for business. Thanks to all who have ordered and received fly fishing products including tons of flies, leaders, rods, reels, fly lines, and spey gear through our online portal. Our feedback has been positive as the packages leave from the store either the day of, or the next morning with expediency. We will continue to provide excellent customer service through our online store and beyond as we move through this summer. Don’t hesitate to call if you do not find what you are looking for, or have any questions about a product you are interested in.

Missouri River Shuttle services daily. Dearborn Shuttle service daily. Call it in at 406-235-3447, at the TakeAway Window, or inside the shop.

We are ready to move forward into June welcoming visitors with safety in mind, fun on the brain, and summer in our blood!


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