Autumn Hours, Hatches, Safety and Such

Autumn Hours, Hatches, Safety and Such

Autumn Hours, Hatches, Safety and Such

Some housekeeping today on the Headhunters Fly Shop Blog.

Hot out there this week as we already are flirting with triple digit daily air temps and that makes the fish sleepy too. Most fishing the morning session and getting out of the sun in the PM.

Hoppers can make the day better. Ants too.

Headhunters Autumn Hours are 630 til 5 pm. After the heat leaves the daily start time will be 7am. Late shuttles yes, within reason.

Fall trips booking daily. This heat will pass us by, and Autumn will change into fall. We love both seasons here in central Montana.

We are following Covid Protocols for Safety full time. Safety does not take a break. Masks required in the shop. In the boat if the client wishes. Physical Distancing all the time. We are Covid Free in Craig. That is a good thing. We are interested staying that way.

TakeAway Window is open full time. Uncomfortable coming in the shop? Come to the Takeaway Window and order flies, shuttles, check in to your cabin, make a new reservation for 2021, or just ask how the fishing is. Yes. You can stay out of harms way at the only TakeAway Window in the canyon at Headhunters Fly Shop. We care about your safety. 

The Trico fishing has been pretty weak. We are hoping it turns for the better. This heat may do it.

Nymphing the upper river is good.

The entire river is fishing. Every reach the morning is better. More consistent.

Weeds? Right at our average level. If you don’t like weeds in your river experience, fish elsewhere. We have weeds here. It’s a fact. We cannot wish them away. Honest. Contrary to popular belief, the fly shops did not plantthem out there. Nor can we make them go away.

Water levels hovering around 5K. Water temps 65F. Normal.

Quiet during the weekdays. Saturday is the busy day. Sunday is also quiet.

The fish are strong. A good big fish year. Will it continue thru the fall? We think so.

Trout Spey and streamer fishing in the near future. September and October good. November is fantastic.

And that is the update today on the only updated nearly daily website on this river and beyond. Yep. Entertainment, information, education, and customer service are what we strive for every day.

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