Important Spring Dates

Important Dates this Spring

Important Dates this Spring

Turn the calendar to March, tomorrow. Winter has passed us, almost. Spring, while not knocking in our neighborhood yet, is on the horizon. Below is a list of important spring dates.

Now. March 1st. Midges hatching maybe daily? Some days this past week really quite good with large numbers of fish interested in slashing around, or plainly roaming for the lonely midge fly. Clusters yes. Action? Yes. Look for them in back eddies and slower inside bends. As the water warms the fish will find them in more dry fly type spots. Meaning cool banks and such.

March 15th. Spring Special begins. Discounted guided trips $400. Discounted lodging locally up to 40% off! Spring Special runs through the end of April. Call the shop for booking, questions, or just to keep up to date with the winter here in Craig.

April 1st. Blue Winged Olive’s emerge. On some years. Some years later towards mid month. What will this year bring? The past decade our spring baetis have been stronger than the annual fall hatch. Why? Ask the insect gods. In any case the fishing in April is strong. Water temps in the low 40’s, fish hot, bugs moving. Good streamer fishing, good dry fly action, excellent nymphing!

May 1st. Spring has arrived. Consistent fishing daily with March Browns, Mother’s Day Caddis, continued BWO hatches. Our best streamer month.

May 19th. 12th Annual Craig Caddis Festival and BBQ Cook-Off. Lots of guests like this event, the food, the auction, the enjoyable fishing and fellowship time. A fundraiser for the Craig Volunteer Fire DepartmentA big Craig event.

June 1st. PMD’s. Well in the first week or so. One of our favorite hatches of the year. It will run through the end of July on good years. Nevertheless the first month is damn good for those interested in fishing to rising Missouri River Trout. Caddis too. A really good month. Also, crowded. Very popular with outfitters from all four corners of the state. Lodging can be tough to get, if you like to wait until…Guides too. Book June early, as early as you can.

July 1st. Trico’s. Another huge month for the Mo. Book today for your best shot at lodging. Guides are thinning as well. With the water year the latter part fo the month will fish quite well. Maybe a great year for the hopper bite? We are crossing our fingers. PMD’s, Trico’s, and caddis hatch all month long. Terrestrials come into play big time as well.

That rounds out the next 5 months. Too soon to plan? No way man. Plan today. When has last minute preparations during peak times ever been a good idea?

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  • I cant decide if I like the PMD or Trico hatch more. “Trusty Rusty” is easier to see (high vis), but the trico hatch in the morning that looks like smoke pouring off the banks in the morning is pretty bad a## too. Both pretty impressive. Either beats a caddis up your nose.

  • Driftboat Drive-in still in the mix? Attended a few years ago, memorable to say the least.

  • Mark Tunstill aka, DOG
    February 28, 2018 7:41 pm

    I discovered The MO about 7 years ago, I’m 73 years old. Missed it most of my life. Grew up fishing the Henry’s fork and the Park. I love the MO because of the ease of fishing for someone my age.
    These past few fears I’ve met flyfishermen, and women from all over the country and the world.
    I look forward to the Caddis Festival and everything that happens from then til the end of June. At my age you have commitments for grandchildren getting married, gr@duat

    Always looking forward to my visit to Craig and The MO😎

  • Mark Tunstill aka, DOG
    February 28, 2018 7:48 pm

    To much drink😎

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