Black Sabbath War Pigs California Jam ’74 Video

Having a hard time getting the engines revved after the holiday weekend?

Ya, us too.

I have a great idea to get rid of those Too Much Turkey Blues.


Go to full screen.

Turn up the volume.

Stand up.

Push Play.

Air Guitar this entire hard rock anthem.

The entire thing.

Dance, fist pump, sing and shout, head bangin’.

Do it.


Then walk out of the office knocking over a few fake office plants on your way out mumbling some obscenities just like Ozzy…


First video from ’74 California Jam. Hippies in the crowd.

Second video from ’05 Ozzfest. Just rockers. I think I like the second one…just sayin’


Black Sabbath War Pigs California Jam '74, Rock, Rock Video
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