Blackfoot River Update

Blackfoot River Update

Yep. It’s good.

Ran over the hill yesterday for a change and we were all happy with the decision. Iowa brothers Toby and Tim fishing with HH Guide Mark Raisler had a ball changing it up by heading over the divide. Headhunters guides have been fishing the Blackfoot nearly daily in the recent past and that will continue for the month ahead.

Why not fish a little moving water without weeds? Here for a few days? Why to give the Blackfoot a shot. Damn pretty scenery that not only looks good but smells good too. It smells like the westside. It smells like Cutthroat.

The fishing is pretty good with dry flies being the primary tool. Saw some Spruce Moth action, a few PMD’s, and some grasshoppers. Fished all of them too. Toss in a caddis pattern or two and we made it a great day.

Need a change? Book a Headhunters guide for a trip over the hill.

Blackfoot River Update
From the Canyon to the Meadows


Blackfoot River Update
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