Call to Action for Dave Faltings

Serious stuff today, and a ‘Call to Action’ from me to the fly fishing community. None of my usual sarcasm today. This is really important stuff to me, and anyone else who knows Dave Faltings.


If you’ve spent anytime fishing the streams of the Sun Valley, ID area, you’ve probably met Dave either stream side or behind the counter at Silver Creek Outfitters. If not, you’ve certainly seen his lanky frame cruising the bank, typically followed by 1 to 3 labs.

You also may have met him Steelhead fishing on the Clearwater or Grande Ronde. If you were hanging out on the Missouri last July, you may have met him on the deck at Headhunters.

Dave is a longtime buddy of mine, and one of the few people that I consider a fly-fishing mentor. We went to college and guided in Sun Valley together. I’ve spent months each fall chasing Stleelhead with him. I’ve been on some crazy fishing trips with Dave. He’s one of the most honest, friendly, well liked, optimistic and unique people in the fly fishing community.

Last year, Dave was diagnosed with ALS, and he has had a rough ride. As his health problems have increased so has his medical costs. Dave and his wife Renee need some help with huge medical costs and a necessary move to Boise, ID. Dave’s friends have set up a ‘gofundme’ site so friends can donate.

Please read the following text about Dave’s situation, and find the link at the bottom to go to his ‘gofundme’ site. And please share the link on Facebook.

Super Dave with a Clearwater fish in the mid-90’s. I think we caught 8 or 10 fish in this session.

Dave Faltings
[us_testimonial author=”Support Super Dave”]As some of you may already know a dear friend, husband, the mayor of Silver Creek and doggie daddy to Riley, Lily and Bug, Super Dave Faltings was diagnosed with ALS at only 50 years old. ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a devastating disease that causes degeneration of the motor neurons, causing people to lose muscle control, including the ability to walk, talk, move and swallow.

Not surprisingly, the diagnosis has hit the Falting’s family hard. Prior to being diagnosed with ALS, Dave and Renee had their perfect slice of Idaho heaven. Dave worked at Silver Creek Outfitters, talking about his two biggest passions in life all day long – hunting and fishing. And the Falting’s spent weekends together on fishing adventures, surrounded by their three dogs and many friends in the Wood River Valley. An extraordinary fly fisherman, Dave could cast the tightest loops with grace and unmatched skill in any conditions. A skilled teacher and guide, he got as much satisfaction, if not more, helping other people fish. Watching this terrible disease strike such an amazing and kind person, has been excruciating for the many, many people that love Dave.

The battle with ALS is a difficult one and we would love nothing more than to return all the favors and fishing tips from Dave over all the years that we have known him. Please help us raise enough money to help Dave and Renee with the serious medical expenses associated with ALS. Despite having medical insurance the expenses are estimated to cost $100,000 annually out of their pocket. It’s in these moments that people can see the true meaning of friends and family. We ask you to please take a moment and make a donation of ANY amount to help a great cause.

Please continue to keep Dave and his family in your thoughts and prayers.[/us_testimonial]

Help Dave Faltings

Help Super Dave at his site, or at least share it on your Facebook page or blog.

Dave & Renee Faltings on the Missouri River last summer.

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  • Count me in.
    When I worked Sun Valley as part of my territory I always looked forward to my visit with Dave. Even if I didn’t have the time to fish he would audibly take me on his last trip to the Ronde or tell me what to expect on Silver Creek that week.
    Dave, you are in my thoughts and prayers, give it hell buddy!

  • Lucky for me Dave was one of the first folks I met in SV. Great guy, always upbeat and ready to provide a good word on where to try your luck on the stream. Keep fighting…

  • Dave, love you and miss you brother. WIll always treasure the time we spent on the Henry’s Fork with the dogs. You will be sorely missed by many but never forgotten. Thank you for enriching my life…

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