City Life Rebelution Video

City Life Rebelution Video

Fishing as much as you wish?

Is this how you planned it? You know, your life.

SOL’s advice to the youth that step into the boat, or frequent Headhunters porch is this…

You can control your destiny. You can choose your life path. You get to make those decisions. Follow a path that is right for you. If you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life.

I guess you can’t fish everyday.

Or can you?

Main Street in Craig is made from dirt.

City Life in Craig is kind of dusty. You can tell when you see the dirt pasted on those smiling pearly whites of local anglers.

But, a river nearby that we hear is pretty fantastic.

Follow your path today, and tomorrow.

Let’s hope you find peace in your decision.

FYI: Headhunters Fly Shop hiring for the 2023 season. Will post help wanted blog very soon. Start thinking about your future. Your future in Craig, on the banks of the finest dry fly fishery that we know of…work on your resume, break up with your significant other, make room on your credit cards, start dreaming of your new dry fly rod and so forth.


City Life Rebelution Video, Life Choices
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  • WOW!!
    What a post! Not a “post”…but a CHALLENGE!
    Brother Squeeks on the stump! Preach it!!!

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