Clean fishable and open

Clean, fishable, and open

Yes indeed. We here on the Missouri River have clean water, it is quite fishable, and we are open.

Sounds like the boys from the west side have some color. Too much I am guessing.

The Dearborn is flowing at 366cfs and falling. It peaked yesterday and is not off color. A little bit but not enough for me even to pull over and take a image for you to see. It is coloring the river for about a half mile. Not a concern at all. The Dearborn River temps is 50F and warming the water column albeit for a short stretch. Try worming near it? Just sayin.’

Clean fishable and open
On the fall. Little Prickly Pear graph looks the same.

The same with Prickly Pear. It s off color, not chico milk by any stretch. Coloring the river near Wolf Creek Bridge for a couple hundred yards is all. Not a concern either. It peaked Friday afternoon and is on the fall too. 229cfs as I write Friday evening. Looking good.

Look to the right on the Blackfoot chart. Still on the rise as the Missoula set will confirm.

So we are out of the woods water under the bridge literally, on those two accounts, those two streams.

They will be on the fall for the weekend as the air temps cool and the local runoff is halted. Most of the low level snows came through a couple weeks ago. No fear of blowing out on the Missouri River as we are nearly runoff proof. The 3 dams above us kind of keep us off of that program. We are so fortunate to live and work on this 12 month fishery.

Our primary stream the Missouri River is just fine. It is running higher than our historical average at 7140cfs with a water temp of 41F.

The Missouri River is fishing well with nymphs. The best of the three methods., The streamer guys are scratching and clawing while the dry fly clan is a little mopey.

Clean, fishable, and open: The Missouri River In a Nutshell

Nymph of the Week: Pink Scud looking fly.

Streamer of the Week: Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow

Streamer Fly Line of the Week: RIO WF Full Intermediate.

Streamer Add On of the Month: Versi Leaders. Get some while in Craig.

Dry Fly of the Month: Skwala

Lodging on the Missouri River: Some openings for this e coming over the divide. Call the shop or try

$300 Headhunters Guide Trips: Through the end of April. Call today for your Spring Special pricing.

Craig Trout Camp: Rainbow & Brown Cabins @ $100. Sutton House @ $200. Craig House @ $150/2 persons & $50/head beyond. Some other discounted housing available as well. Call the store for avail and information.

The Missouri River Mood: Great. Looking forward to another good one. We will have more water this year and we like that. Better for PMD’s, Caddis, and Trico’s. Ww already have plenty of Midge and Crustaceans.

Ninch says: Get on in here and check out our updated fly selection. We added 400 bins so the nymph selection is world class. And our streamers? Wow. Don’t forget that the dry fly is our favorite game and Headhunters will enjoy the wide variety of top water patterns.

Mark says: Good to see all of the guides back to work and also great to see our fishing friends. They are visiting the Missouri and adjusting their smile. Tuning up the happy quotient is important for all of us!

Izaak’s Restaurant in Craig: Open daily 4-10pm. We are so happy to have Chef John Winders opening his doors for another season. The Ribs are succulent, the beer is cold, and the waitstaff is eager to serve you!

Uncle Joe’s Bar: Open daily 8am-2am. Perfect.

Headhunters Fly Shop: Open daily @ 8am for all your fly fishing needs. Shuttles, flies, information, warm hats, logo wear galore, free coffee, Missouri River maps…

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