How to Clean a Fly Line Part 1

How to Clean a Fly Line Part 1

I love clean fly lines. Who doesn’t?

Today on the Headhunters Blog we have a vid from RIO about how to get it clean.

Want ultimate performance from your fly line? Clean it.


This is smart for accessional super duper cleaning. If you like to get it done daily in the boat you can find yourself a pocket-full of RIO Fly Line Cleaning Towelettes. The best fly fishing product under a buck!


So get after it today.

The lid has come off here on the Missouri River. Get out here and enjoy. This is the call to all of you who say “Hey, bud. Let me know when it is really good. You know just let me know and I will come on out.” Well. This is that time. For the next month. It is be worth your while.

In bolder letters…

It is the time to come out and fish the Mo.

If you don’t see that…you cannot fish small, tiny flies.

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  • Thanks for the heads up! Coming in from Chicago on Saturday for a full week of fishing the Mo. Annual October fishing bender. Looking forward to that and seeing everyone at HH.

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