Comprehensive Monday Missouri River June 3rd Fishing Report

Comprehensive Monday Missouri River June 3rd Fishing Report

Comprehensive Monday Missouri River June 3rd Fishing Report

The water is falling. The water is falling.

Let’s hope they, the water managers, are not crying wolf.

Scheduled to drop below 6K this morning. That is good for the wade fish crew. Now you can step in the water my fishy wade fish crew.

All we are lacking are epic hatches. They’re on the doorstep. PMD’s will be here soon. Historically we see the first players on  or near June 4, 5, 6. But the rest of the show has been delayed this 2019 season so we expect the PMD’s to follow suit.

The Dearborn River is falling as well about 750 cfs/day. That should shake out the mud today or tomorrow. Let’s hope on that one. Lots of rafters rolling through this past weekend. When she is running below 1000 cfs we will be fishing the Dearborn. I look forward to getting out there this next week for sure. Big fluffy flies with a. dropper attached. Or to. Report forthcoming following the trip. If it goes down. The drift.

Flows on the Mo will fall below 6K today. Again, wade fish mania.

Nymphing is good during the morning session and not good afternoon. Lots of anglers here as the remainder of the Montana rivers, but not all, are in run-off stage. The sun and warmer temps will accelerate the run-off periods. It certainly has done it here.

Sows, worms, Baetis nymphs, Caddis nymphs, PMD nymphs are all in play. 6′ split to bobber has been the key. The fish are also in the faster water and you can now fish the sexiest looking water if you wish. Fish still to be found in the medium speeds as well. The water levels will fall and the length between your bobber and split will shorten.

NEWS FLASH: FWP putting in a New Boat Ramp at Devils Kitchen, aka Suicide. John sleuthed that out a couple weeks ago and have forgotten to post.

Great sunny fishing this past week. The mostly great part was the sun. As mentioned above a good morning bite followed by a not soo good afternoon bite.

A few dry fly eaters around. I did see some PMD’s today.. But not many at all. A few caddis too. We are on the cusp. The brink. The tipping point.

Looking forward to the next month ahead. Dry Fly Mania.

The streamer fishing was not too bad the other day when I was out with some streamer chuckers. Enough action to keep you happy. They were pretty close to the shore and loving white bodied patterns.

Ready for the week ahead? We are. Fully staffed, ready for your questions, free coffee, free river maps, sun gear galore, all fo your favorite HH Logo Gear and a bundle of new stuff you don’t want to miss, SIMMS, sun hoodies, sun gloves, sun masks, sunscreen, and hats too…stop in for all of your Mo River needs.

Here daily early and late. See you soon in downtown Craig.

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