Depth Perception Scumliner Media July on the Mo!

Depth Perception Scumliner Media

One of my favorite shoots, and one of my favorite Scumliner Media videos.

Ben Hardy, John Arnold, and Mark Raisler out for a evening quickie on the Mo Mid July 6 years ago.

Fun. Evening fishing is solid. Go fish.

BBQ tonight in front of the shop. Izaak’s closed on Mondays. Trout Shop Cafe open for dinner and pizza’s. Getting nearer in WC for Annie’s and sometimes the Oasis is open for dinner.

Rainstorms last night, and maybe again today. The dry fly fishing is sick. The nymphing is sick. It is all good my fishy friends. Late July? Hoping for the best. August? Only Mother Nature knows.

An early show for us here at Headhunters. Getting on the water early is important this time of year if you like the mooring solace, the silent period.

The weekends have been damn busy with rec. floaters. And we love them. But if you like all day silence you better wait until December.

Book your September and October trips today. Want to fish the Clearwater with us? Whitney Gould, Tracy Allen, and Zack Williams will guide you for 3 days on the Clearwater. A two handed anglers dream for Steelhead.

Or, you want to attend Mark’s Advanced Fly Fishing School? Oh yeah baby. Call us up today and get any and all of those booked up so you can rest easy. Operators standing by 6am til 9pm daily. Open first and open last here in downtown Craig Montana.

The river is fishing well. Come on out and enjoy the rising trout.

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