Sunday Mid-Summer Missouri River Tips

Sunday Mid-Summer Missouri River Tips

Sunday Mid-Summer Missouri River Tips

A few quick tips from your friends at Headhunters Fly Shop in downtown Craig Montana this sunny and seasonal Sunday Mid-Summer morning.

  1. The fishing is great. Get out early and enjoy the day before the heat hits you. Drink tons of water. Dehydration is serious. Refer to the recent post about not drinking water. If you drink water your body works better. Better focus, better casting, better mood. More fun.
  2. Lots of suncreen please. If you put it on your forehead, which lots of dudes do, it will run into your eyes and it will hurt. With your big giant sun hat you do not need to smear it all over your forehead. Honest.
  3. Evening fishing is good. But the water and air temps will keep you from fishing until the last couple hours. The fish get pretty upset in the afternoons with the warm weather and water temps.
  4. Spinners, cripples. Use them. Enjoy them. The trout do.
  5. Dead drifts catch fish. I have become a believer in great drifts only. Placement is secondary. Perfect placement coupled with a bad drift equals a big fat ZERO. Not perfect placement coupled with a perfect drift can sometimes mean an eat. Yup.
  6. All is well here in Craig. We are having a ball. Plan your trip for August or September or October. How about November. A good year here in 2017. The fish are big!

Enjoy your Sunday. A hot one here in Craig!

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