We like the Missouri River May Show

We like the Missouri River May Show

We like the Missouri River May Show

We like May.

It has become one of the favorite months for us here at Headhunters in Craig Montana.


Big fish. Some of the best fish of the year come to the hand in May.

March Browns come in May. This great shot from the camera of John a couple years ago let me fade off into thought of past and previous May memories. One of my top fishing days of all time happened a couple May’s ago. Two life long fishing pals and myself enjoyed a blind dry fly bonanza along with an honest Mother’s Day Caddis blitz that I will never remember.

Streamer anglers have come to know May for the larger brown trout taken on the fly. Some folks like the fall period. Those in the know, the Missouri River know, know that May trumps October for big fatty browns.

The rainbows can be out of the river, or on the return from the spawn, and the brown trout is once again king.

May is a sleeper month. My personal second favorite fishing month. June is my favorite for sure. But May is my second favorite. October my third. July…etc. My personal favorites for many different reasons. May is great because the fish are still kinda dumb. And that is important on a river that is not known for the ease of fishing, catching, casting, conditions, and so forth.

May happens before the weeds happen. So swingers can find themselves in a veritable 2 hander bliss. Some good flows and most of the anglers fishing from the drift boat you can have some of the great trout spey flats to yourself.

The mid-summer dry fly fanatics are still busy spinning up some hyper techy PMD trnasitional duns…or still borns…or some CDC secret!?!

Baetis, BWO’s, like May. Midges like May. March Browns like May. Mother’s Day Caddis like May. Chubby brown trout like May. And, you like May.

So, see you in May?

Smart thinking starts today.

And May comes before June and July.

We like the Missouri River May Show!

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