Monday Missouri River Fishing Report 5.24.21

Monday Missouri River Fishing Report 5.24.21

Monday Missouri River Fishing Report 5.24.21

Some damn good fishing out there right now. And the fish have begun to look up.

50F water temps. They have been up to 53F this year. Lat week. Tuesday. Then plunged with the snow event. They will reach back to the previous mark soon. Low water volume allows the temps to swing wildly.

3910cfs for the flows. Looks pretty stable even with the recent rain. The inflows may be bigger than the outflows, and that is common. Specifically in the spring months. The lake is filling. It may not fill to the 97% target by the third week of June. Then we will continue to have lower water than normal for the remainder of the year. Look to Toston for the inflows.

Bugs include March Browns, Baetis, Caddis, and Midge. All are hatching. They will continue this week. The BWO hatches Saturday and Sunday were epic. Specifically Sunday, Some fish up on ’em too. We expect the fish to continue to look upwards more often that they have been. Pretty easy guess really. Because the fish have not been interested int eh surface in any great numbers in ’21.

PMD’s in the water column in big numbers. All of the above as well. Less reliance not eh sows and scuds. Insects are back! Headhunters has the Best Flies Under the Big Sky.

The steamer guys whacked ’em this last weekend. Snow and rain and lack of wind made it damn fine out there. Saturday and Sunday many did not show…and, the fishing was pretty kick ass!

Swingers? Got ’em too. More swing action in front of us. Wade fishing is very good and the access to the fish is fantastic. Low waters.

We have been doing the snow and rain dance daily. IF you need a hand, or want a HH staffer to demonstrate the Rain Jig, just ask.

Lots of cool logo wear int eh shop along with rods, reels, and fly lines coming out our ears. Make sure to check out the reel case right now. Lots of fly fishing jewelry in there. Any color you desire.

The Headhunter Fly Line is selling well too as many anticipate the dry fly summer of ages.

Brown trouts are being caught. Look above at the fish that Rob got after work. Nice! Thanks for the image Rob. I’m sure more memorable trout are ahead of you.

Headhunters newest hours of operation are 7am-8pm daily. Open first, open last. Shuttles, guides, 35+ lodging options, Dearborn flies and shuttles, logo gear, hats, sunscreen, sun shirts, sun hats, gloves, stickers, and all the fly fishing gee-gaws you can possibly need!

Stop in and say hello. Our staff loves to chat about trout including the Mo. Need help rigging your nymph rod? Come on by and ask. How about a couple killer mayfly cripples? Yep, got it. A quick refresher on the reach cast? Spend a couple minutes on our casting lane and get up to speed!

Have a great week ahead of you all your Headhunters!


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  • Paul Taylor
    May 25, 2021 6:03 am

    Can I get a short video of the “rain Jig”???????

  • amos garrett
    May 25, 2021 10:08 am

    despite recent rains and some snow, alberta is still parched and no one up here knows the rain dance! ( except maybe the Blackfoot). Please demo for us!!–AmosG

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