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We don’t re-post content from other blogs much anymore. Plenty of other fly fishing blogs do. You can check out Moldy Chum or The Fiberglass Manifesto and pretty much see everything of interest that pertains to fly fishing and conservation. But yesterday this great post came across our feeds from the great saltwater blog at Skinny Water Culture.

Headhunters is known for it’s outstanding guide service, but we  love helping anglers who fish on their own just as much (if not more). Both Mark and I feel that if you don’t go out on do it on your own, you won’t learn. You won’t improve. You won’t progress as a fly fisherman. DIY’ers are the soul of the sport, and often create techniques that move the sport ahead.

This post should motivate any and all DIY anglers. We thought it was definitely worth sharing. We’ll share the link instead of copy and pasting, but if you thought a saltwater slam (plus some!) from a kayak or SUP in the US is impossible, check this out! Great pics and story.

WHAT ARE THE ODDS? from Skinny Water Culture

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