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Swing Season is nearing, and the FedEx guy brought us some new toys to play with today. A box of the new Thomas & Thomas DNA-XF two-handers arrived and we are chomping at the bit to get out on the water with them. I’d be out there right now if it wasn’t for the 40+ mph winds we’re enjoying in Craiglandia today.

In stock are the DNA-XF 11’7″ 6/7 weight and the DNA-FX 12’6″ 7 weight. These are my two favorite sizes for trout and summer Steelhead fishing with floating lines or light/short sink tips. The “XF” designation stands for extra-fast, as these are both Scandi rods built for tight loops and floating lines.

The DNA-XF 11’7″ 6/7 weight should be the perfect rod for the Missouri and Summer Steelhead fishing on most rivers, especially in the BC backcountry. You know we are fans of the light and fast Orvis Helios 11′ #7, as well as the Sage TCX 11’9″ #6 switch rods. I suspect this rod will possess qualities of both, and we like the extra length. But this rod isn’t a “switch” rod. T&T does make a switch rod in the same size, but it is designed as a “switch” rod. The DNA model is a pure two-hander. There aren’t a lot of reviews of this rod online, but those that are out there are gushing. Those who have fished it really like it. A lot.

The DNA-XF 12’6″ 7 weight will be the choice for those that want a little more length, and may be fishing bigger rivers like the Clearwater and Deschuttes. If you think you may be throwing sink tips 30-50% of the time, this would be a better choice as well. This rod is the same size as my all time favorite, the Sage TCX 12’6″ 7 weight “Death Star”. I think that size is perfect for an all around stick, and I’m excited to see how the T&T stacks up. Feels a touch softer and lighter in the hand.

Extra fast action, dialed-in for scandi heads and tight loops. Recommended for anglers who predominantly present flies near the surface, enjoy Scandinavian underhand ‘touch and go’ styles of casting, and also long distance overhead casting. The ‘extra fast’ design of the DNA XF flexes more in the upper sections and less into the butt of the rod and produces a crisp, sharp feel that is perfect for throwing floating and intermediate scandi heads for salmon and steelhead and overhead casting for stripers in the surf. – from T&T

T&T has always had one of the strongest followings in the two-handed universe, and we’ll soon find out if that’s true at Headhunters. Come on by and try either of these rods, we have both available for demo at the shop. Anytime. That’s how we roll.

Spey Pride!, two hander
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