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Spey Clinic moved to Sunday

Due to the super cold temperatures forecast for the end of the week, we are forced to move our free spey/two-handed clinic to Sunday, instead of Saturday as scheduled. Temps on Saturday are forecast to be 0 degrees when we wake up, and a high of 15-20 degrees. Sunday looks like 36. Kind of  no-brainer.

While you might assume we are moving the clinic for your comfort, thats not the case. We pulled off our last clinic in similar 15 degree weather, and everyone came dressed appropriately and stayed warm.

The problem with the bitter cold is the massive amount of ice that forms on your line and guides. It was a struggle for me just to do a few demo casts. While all of the attendees dealt with the ice, after a while you had to hit the bank and gdb a new rod. Those oversized spey lines grab a tremendous amount of water!

So, if you’re signed up, check your inbox or phone messages. If you  have any questions call the shop at 406-235-3447. See you at the clinic.

Spey Pride!
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