Winter Guide Trips...

Winter Guide Trips…

Headhunters Guide Peter Skidmore coming up for air as he and his fiance, and a pile of locals remodel his house. Maybe Peter will stick around for a while as he establishes deeper roots. Peter is a highly regarded and booked Missouri River guide. The Spring Special has been announced and you can book Peter for a mere $300/day @ 406/235-3447. He and the rest of the gang book fast now that the Headhunters Spring Special is out of the bag!
Hello there Headhunters faithful, peter Skidmore here with a short blog entry.
Recently I have been asked by a few of my clients if I’ve been fishing much? The answer is no! However there is good reason for my lack of time spent on the water.

Home ownership and an extensive remodel! My fiancé Hannah and I closed on our house this last October, and as soon as the season ended, it was time to park the boat in the garage and get to work on the house! We pretty much gutted the place, and have made some vast improvements.

From drywall, to plumbing, to flooring! It’s been hectic at times as well as exhilarating! Things are finally winding down, another week or so and we are ready to move on in! The main reason why I wanted to post this blog was to thank some important people.

First off one of my closest friends and fellow Headhunters guide Jared Edens! He has been there since day one helping Hannah and I. I also want to thank Eric Mondragon another Missouri River guide and friend for helping us with our kitchen remodel! Next we want to thank mark, John, Julie, Sarah, McNinch and the rest of the crew at Headhunters for allowing a fishing guide to actually become a home owner!! I want to thank all of my clients throughout the years for your continued business and friendships!

And last but certainly not least we want to thank Mother Montana and the Missouri River, need I say more…

Thanks Peter. Great work and we look forward to seeing you on the river soon!

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