Fall is for friends, BWO’s, and fishing

Fall is for friends, BWO’s, and fishing

Although ti does not feel like fall out there. It feels like February. The phone weather app states it feels like 12F outside.

And it does.

So we wait. Until tomorrow. Air temps rising to the 40’s this weekend and that will be just fine. Then snow again for our 6th snow event on Monday. Or on Halloween tomorrow. We may have some more tomorrow. Probably actually.

I’ve been reflecting on fishing friendships this past week. Great relationships develop through outdoor activities. Long term ones too. Been fishing with the gang at RIO Line Co for 17 years. Enjoy the entire gang. Been fishing with a couple of the fellers for the entire length of that trip. RIO hosts fly shop buyers, owners, and managers here on the Mighty Mo in October and we have been a part of it for a long time.

And those friendships are awesome. Fellowship, fishing, and a bit of bullshitting occurs. All of it fun. And sometimes the fishing is very good.

Like this year. The fishing was very good. Streamer fishing brought lots of nice trout to hand. Lots.

And the dry fly bite did not disappoint either. A bit of history…it has not been all that good during the fall session for the BWO that past 8-10 years. This year it was great. Floats all over the river proved to be fantastic with the BWO’s playing their role perfectly.

Super fun times had by all. The long time friendships make these events and moments in time even more special.

Meeting new folks from fly shops around the U S of A and internationally allows us to get a greater, larger, better perspective of the fly fishing business. It also lets us see how other fly fishing business models work. Spitballing ideas, marketing techniques, and retail concepts makes us all better as an industry.

These are important relationships that should last a lifetime.

Fishing friends are what make us happy here in downtown Craig Montana. You folks out there, who visit, read, and fish here on the Mighty Mo are important to us. We love all of you.

You make our world go round and we thank you here, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. You are our core. You make us stronger daily.

So today I think about you folks around this great fishing country, the world, and beyond? I think about my friends who were just here on the Missouri River. I yearn for more time on the water with them. I am looking forward to more time on the water for me too.

Now the guide trips are waning, the shop has become quieter, and it is time for us to get out there and swing some flies. It is time to walk the banks looking for the right head to hunt. It is time for 2020 prep. It is time for you to book your 2020 trip as well.

But don’t forget about this fall, or early winter. A quiet river out there. Nice. Book a guide trip, a room here in Craig, or order that Trout Spey Rod we have on sale here. Or just dream of it.

But I challenge you to let your fishing buddies wander in your mind today. Include them in your smiles.

I know I am.


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  • FlyFinaticLou
    October 30, 2019 2:24 pm

    I’ll try to make my website design suggestion coincide with the posts idea of booking next years trip(s); now is the time! What would make that a LOT Easier? Answer – being able to quickly access Previous Posts by Year & Month. ARCHIVING This Valuable Fish Report Information makes it so. As an example – Gallop’s Slide Inn website (Madison) Fishing Reports HAS an ARCHIVE section that goes back years (months) – Easily selectable. HERE, It literally takes me many minutes to go back by having to continuously scroll back page after page – but then once I look up THAT month/year and go back to find another, I have to start all over again – Real Pain in the Arse. This is how I “research” WHEN I want to Experience the MO – as I painstakingly did for my extended visit in 2018, along with having to now take in the information from some dude on the phone, who may be a “newbie” to the MO that year, and trying to book me into a slot or time period that suits “them” more than “me” ! (?). That was my experience this year in another part of SW Montana. Your Blog posts that are “Fish Report Specific are GREAT and I only wish I could Easily Find the ones I want to “hone-in” on for next years trip(s) to the MO. Food for your consumption . . . meanwhile guess I’ll be “researching” via HeadHunters and a few other area shops to get intel for next years “hopefuls” times – late March/April/Early May . . . &/or . . . Sept./Oct.! As you may recall from the Trout Spey Clinic (Oct.), I LOVE swinging flies . . . buggers, baitfish, wets/emergers; doesn’t matter with the new Trout Spey or a 10ft single hander. I was going to wait till January-ish, but now based on your suggestion – the sooner the better, as long as I can come up with all that deposits money – UGH ! If only I were “rich & famous,” ha ! Archiving we will go, archiving we will go . . . hi ho the fishing hole, archiving we will goooooo!

    • Lou, Go to the search bar, looks like a Magnifying Glass,a nd type in “May” or “Spring” or “Trout Spey” and that will get you started!

      • FlyFinaticLou
        October 31, 2019 2:17 pm

        Well . . . I’ll be . . . insert your own verb/adjective or? Never claimed to be a computer genius, or is that “stable genius”? Either way, a BIG THANK YOU SHOUT OUT TO MARK ! I feel so, so stupid right about now, . . . not really.
        Now, as far as Dan, OHIO Dan? I’ll choose the high road and see that as humorous folly. And, thank you Steve R.; yes of course I ALWAYS (also) Call around . . . knowing sometimes to take that “with a grain of salt” ! And obvious too, one can Never Predict the Future based on Past Performance . . . just ask my (long gone) X-wife, ha ha ! Now if you’ll all excuse me I’ve got some “magnifying glass” button-pushing koto do.

  • Sounds painful Lou. Have you considered just opting out?

  • Steve Ruszczyk
    October 31, 2019 11:41 am

    In response to the post above, I’d suggest simply giving the shop a call to speak with staff that’s the best in the business. Sara, Ben, Julie, and others know the Mo and can give you all the information you’ll ever need about how and when to experience the river the way you want to. Lots of shop resources to supplement what’s on the Headhunters website to plan the perfect trip!

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