Fishing Report and Walleye on the Fly

First of all, apologies for the “Friday Foto” on Thursday. Apparently I don’t know what day it is. So forget you saw it yesterday and be amazed again today.

Fishing has been excellent up to the dam and down the river to Pelican. I think a few even tried the Cascade section this week, as the ice is gone and the weather has been stellar. As I write this it is 66 degrees in Cascade. Very light breeze. Beautiful.

Here’s a report from one of our customers:

I was in your shop yesterday and you shuttled me in the canyon stretch. FYI, the streamer fishing was very, very good, and I nymphed very little. You’all sold me a white/tan streamer and a copper-ish streamer. Both worked very well . . . til I hung em up. I concentrated on the side channels where I could get out of my pontoon boat. The fish were in somewhat slow, 3′ to 5′ water . . . even in the main channel.

Sound like some very good fishing. We’re swinging the two-handers a bunch, and action has been great. Big Rainbow’s mostly. But above, you can see that Max nabbed a nice big Walleye the other day below Holter. Sweet. I especially like catching Walleye in the winter months, and fried in a light oil with a flour-egg-flour coating, cabbage, black olives, feta, lime, tomatoes and flour tortillas.

Most consistent Walleye fly for me: Black Marabou Leech pattern.

As stated the weather is phenomenal today, but looks to stay in the very fishable range for the next week. See you this weekend.

REMEMBER: Come by and grab a two-hander off our rack if you want to try something new, or just try it for the first time.


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  • The fishing today was amazing. Not every cast, but 24″ rainbows for hours.
    Thanks again to the Headhunters staff for the awesome streamers and recommending a great area to fish{CATCH}.

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