Headhunters Guides Christmas Wish Lists

A list of the guide Christmas wish lists. Some fun stuff. And some good will.

What is on your Christmas wish list?


Peter Skidmore

  1. New Truck Topper. Mine is wrecked!
  2. 4frnt YLE 187 Skis
  3. Snowmobile
  4. New Golf Bag
  5. And a new ballpark for the Oakland Atheletics!
Ben Hardy
  1. I want to have a healthy baby a month after Christmas.
  2. I am singular in focus…


Jared Edens

  1. Good health and happiness for all friends and family
  2. Muskrat slippers
  3. A delicious rib roast
  4. A new cool coffee thermos
  5. Adult size one piece fleece
Nick Stipech
  1. I-Pad
  2. Long Underwear
  3. “Good ice” for ice fishing seson in Michigan
  4. New Pick-up
  5. Motor Boat
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