Flag Day Friday Fishing Report June 14th

Flag Day Missouri River Fishing Report 6.14.19

Flag Day Missouri River Fishing Report 6.14.19

All is well here Flag Day Missouri River Fishing Report 6.14.19. Summer has descended upon us, finally. Warm daytime temps with warm nighttime temps leave us feeling warm! We love it.

Today is Flag Day and what better way to celebrate America than fro fishing. So, we bring you the updated fishing report for mid June 2019.

The overall consensus is this…Good to great morning sessions. Poor to not great afternoon sessions. Hit and miss nighttime sessions.

Our overall grade for Mid June? A B minus. Next week, today, soon? A-

Morning Fishing Session

Good right out of the gate. The early bite is good. Nymphers are getting it done with Sows, scuds, Caddis Pupa, and PMD nymphs. Also the Zirdle, Crawfish, and Runnerlegs are getting some attention.

Faster water that is moving, not necessarily the seam line stuff, but the center river runs with some pace. Medium depth, medium fast water speed. That last part is important.

4′-6′ with a B split to bobber.

Get out of the tanks and into the fray of quick paced mid-river riffle type of water

The streamer bite in the am is not great, but you can pick up a couple before the masses arrive.

The midge bite in the am is all but gone. But you may see a few sipping trout out there. The first one to the fish has better odds that the last.

Early morning starts are good. Headhunters open early, of course, at 630am and earlier sooner than later. We are your first stop for coffee, flies, shuttles, and the friendly fly shop gang that gets you out there before the rooster cackles. While the rest are resting, we are ready for your fishing excursion.

Afternoon Fishing Session

The dry fly bite can get rolling about 10 am, or later. Look for fish eating caddis and PMD’s. Make that first couple presentations good man. Don’t drag it over the fish and expect that affection we all crave. Do it right and get rewarded.

Cripples for the PMD’s, spinners, and mergers have gotten some recent love.

Downwinged caddis patterns are also good. Translucent Pupa and Emerger patterns are the favorite film fly right now. Also try Buzzballs, X Caddis, anything that 7wt points at in the bin, and the array of killer caddis flies in the cozy Headhunters fly bin confines. Really the best selection with always stocked bins for you to peruse.

Nymphing in the late day is difficult. Not too much action. Big attractor patterns like mentioned above will get some attention. Good drifts also get some attention. You may want to cool it off in the late afternoon and head back out towards dark. Some dry fly action? Some nights yes, others, no.

Flows and Weather

Flows coming below the 6K mark. Great wade fishing conditions. The weather is warm and seasonal. Afternoon T Storms may greet you so bring some rain gear. Water temps in the higher 50’s.

  • More Bugs soon.
  • The Dearborn is fishable today or tomorrow.
  • Get out early.
  • Wear sunscreen. HH is your source for sun gear. We have lots of sun shirts, sun masks, Buff products, SIMMS, sungloves, large sun hats…
  • Enjoy the summer weather!
  • Book your August terrestrial and Trico trip today. Great guides and lodging available. 406-225-3447 is your Mo River Hotline.
  • Be polite. Have fun. Catch some trout.
  • Enjoy your weekend whatever your pursuits are!
  • Headhunters open daily 630am-9pm.
  • Happy Flag Day ‘Merica
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