Fortunate Youth Thursday

Fortunate Youth Thursday

Not as cold, but equally as windy as the past week. looks like more wind on the way as we move towards the First February weekend. The fishing should pick up, as the weather allows us to venture back out on the river.

Getting the boat ready for the 2023 season. Cleaning fly lines. Tossing old and torn up flies, too dusty, stinky and sinky, too invisible. All gotta go. Box organization is one of my favorite things. Organized and clean fly boxes.

Although I don’t like doing it, the background music certainly helps! And Fortunate Youth will get me through this wind driven task!

Watch, listen, live.

And if you really want to see something awesome, type SugarShack Sessions in your search bar. Do it. Mind blower man. The music library there is vast, and fantastic. Learn something new today, listen to some new music, dance around in your garage by yourself.

I do. Lots.

Thursday in Craig Montana. Overcast, and currently not windy. The live jams may get us revved up to dip a line this afternoon. OR drive around and look for heads.

Headhunters. That is who we are, what we do, and how we live.

We truly are fortunate youth here on the Mighty Mo. Our bodies may not be as youthful, but our minds and spirit remains fresh, alive, and ready for new experiences, friendships, and difficult rising trout.

It certainly drives us. Enjoy your Thursday. Dance a little.

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  • wayne e clayton
    February 3, 2023 6:37 am

    I organize my fly boxes every year.By mid June they look just like they did before I organized them

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