Friday Foto

Friday Foto

You recognize that run above? Sometimes some fishy’s in there. Spooky bitches though. Tread slowly and quietly. Like a trout fly wielding ghost.

Warm and windy this weekend.

We will be out both days with our January Free Spey Clinic. All booked up this weekend with the Trout Spey class.

You? You coming? Stop by for up to the minute hot, albeit pink, patterns in the shop. Free coffee per usual and the requisite fly shop winter banter. Get the lake update too from Sara who has traded both her spey rod and her single handed gear for a tip-up. I think I know what she is tipping up out there on the lake.

Shuttles, cabins, the best in winter river info, the only trout spey demo gear on the river including all you need in fly lines and tips, gloves, hats, hand warmers…open 8-5 daily.

Enjoy your weekend! Not much going on, so might as well head up to the river. At least for a drive. I sometimes take my fly rod for a drive and if I feel like it, actually get out of the truck and step into a run.

Your choice.

friday foto
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