New Boat Smell Headhunters Fly Shop

New Boat Smell Headhunters Fly Shop

New Boat Smell Headhunters Fly Shop

A new rental boat in the yard today.

1st of 3, or 4. We will also have the new model the Adipose Run-Off!

The Adipose “Runoff”

We took all the best parts of our flagship model the Flow and added a higher sides and a bigger bow. The Runoff is not your traditional high sided drift boat.

Once again we challenged the status quo of what a high sided boat needs to be to be able handle that big water. We pushed the limits of design and construction in this truly innovative boat.

We were able to maintain the walk around the design, the storage and the fishability. With a 15′ 10″ centerline, 58″ bottom, and a 75″ beam the changes don’t sound drastic but they get the job done. The major changes in the Runoff all happen in front of the front angler. The boat grew 6 inches longer and the bow is 5 inches taller (25″ total), we didn’t adjust the angle of the rocker on the bottom but we extended the footprint out 3 inches more. We also draped out the angle of the bow 4º more. As the sides come back towards the oar lock the 25″ high bow tapers down to a 21″ side height at the oar locks.

All of the added side and bow heights combined with our extremely wide and stable foot print make the boat a dream to row and fish from.

The best Missouri River drifter available at Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig. $150/day. A bargain! We dump it in and take it out. While you are enjoying the Missouri River experience we move your vehicle to the take out. You finish the day and get in your car heading off to dinner. Pretty slick!

You want one for yourself? Gotta have this baby in your garage or driveway? Call Justin at Adipose and get your order in the books today. Order one today and you can have it in April! I think they have a few spec boats on the lot too.

Reserve your rental boat today for a great river day this summer on the Mo!


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