Friday Foto and Fishing Report February 4th

Friday Foto and Fishing Report February 4th

Friday Foto and Fishing Report February 4th

All good in this neighborhood.

  • Water temps 34.5F.
  • Water flows in the 3K range.
  • Some shelf ice around, certainly on the lower end. Slush and some ice int he river as you head downriver as well. Clear up top.
  • Boat ramps good Dam, WC, Craig, Stickney Creek, Mid Canon.
  • Swingers deep for winter. Skagit Heads with some sort of weighted tip. Whether that be a 5×5 or better like a 10′ length of T-8 is your choice. An on the river and location decision.
  • Flies? White or black. Leeches, streamers, buggers.
  • Type of water can vary. Yep and slow is the primary. Some success with a bit quicker water and a few brown trout looking at the flies. But only some, not the norm for sure.
  • Strippers find slow water, and move the fly, very slowly. Generally the eat is on the pause. It just is tight, or heavy when you make another strip/move.
  • Nymphers slow and deep. Look for a subtle eat. Lead with your line downhill, no or =very little slack out there. Be ready to react when the bobber stops, or slows, or looks strange! Hit ’em all. Those who do not hit it do not catch as many. Or any.
  • Pink, sow, scud, Zebra.
  • Some midge in the slack ass water. Roaming trout. Not really on the eat, but taking a look around.
  • Shop open daily 8am. Shuttles yes. Guide trips yes. Lodging yes with discounts for the season. Hot coffee in the shop? Sometimes. Swing by and say hello. We are all about trout.
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  • Hi Mark
    Just a question, what ever happened with the RV park that you had blogged about around a year ago? They were planning to take down some buildings that you had lived in at some time. Did they develop the park and if so what is the name of it?
    Thanks for the info, Tim

    • Don’t think they are done yet. Property cleared, flat, and some occasional work we see being done. But not ready yet. 2022? Who knows. We will keep you up to date. We will check into the probable, potential, opening date.

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