Friday Foto Fishing Report

Friday Foto Fishing Report

The water is up since the last report, since the last weekend, since the last snow and wind and rain events.

Tonight? The Fly Fishing Film Tour stops into Great Falls at the Hilton Garden Inn @ 7:30pm. But the action gets t-rolling about 4:30pm with beers, contests, the best deals on gear all year long, Headhunters Swag, Team Headhunters having a ball in GF…and you.

Friday Foto Fishing Report

The streamer bite is not terrible. Toss them into the water and tug on them occasionally you will get rewarded. I like rewards. Brown and flashy is the key. I guess. Just heard the word on the street, in the bar, and in the lowly places trout bums hang. Like on the tailgate pulling on a fresh pull n’ar the end of the daylight.

Nymphing has been good but hear some tougher fishing reports from fellers out on the water. The water is different, but not that different. It is up at the 5620cfs level and the water temps are peaking at 36F for the day.

The fish are lying in the same spot they are at 3K. Just imagine another foot of water on top of them. Put you brain sub-surface…or dip your head under the water. I prefer the former…the latter gives you an ice cream headache.

The movement of water may have put them off for a couple days, but they will return. It’s not like the mouths have been sewn shut.


Weather for the weekend has temps in the 50’s and Sunday at the 60F mark. Yep, spring may be showing her hand. A bit.

Some have been venturing downriver, with occasional success. A touch off color and a touch cooler. The feeder creeks are damn cold man.

Friday Foto Fishing Report
Tonight @ 430pm Hilton Garden Inn Great Falls

Lodging options this weekend are closing. Get on the horn today if you want to stay for the weekend. See us and the film Friday night, stay in GF at the Sip & Dip. Saturday start it out right with the 1st day of the Legendary Headhunters Fly Shop $300 Guide Trips/$495 LOG Trips and resting your head @ Craig Trout Camp for a discounted Spring Rate, then brunch at the Oasis in Wolf Creek, and short wade fish session…back home for dinner and Sunday night movie on the couch.


As for the dry fly angler he is more excited no than last week. A budge in the water temps and more midge around have made that dry fly guy make a couple casts. Search and destroy.

Headhunters Fly Shop is open daily @ 8am and with the advent of longer evenings, we are staying later for your trout fishing pleasure. Soon you can fish after work. We got yer back with late shuttles, flies, fun, information, and the best apres fishing hang in the lower 48…

In case you missed this last Friday…




Somewhere Out West from scumliner media on Vimeo.

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