Friday Foto Is February Over Yet?

Friday Foto Is February Over Yet?

Friday Foto Is February Over Yet?

Pretty tough to see your bobber in that ice and slush flow.

But the sun is out today. And maybe tomorrow morning. Until the next snow storm hits us. And that will be Saturday morning, afternoon?

  • We were busy yesterday shoveling the roof of the shop. Getting that snow off that occasionally creates leaks!
  • Leaks are fixed.
  • Snow is plowed. For the time being.
  • Shop staff nearly put in place. Or almost. Or it has been done. We are right at the very end. 99% there. ‘Wow’ says Sara. Another HR period (nearly) in the books.
  • Guide trips booking daily. Lodging too. Lots of questions about water and sun and hatches and such. A good run on fall bookings too. Late summer trips in August are booking well. If the last two August’s are any indication of how it will be in 2019 I certainly see the drive for that period. Not many anglers at all. Quiet river inly interrupted by the sounds of sipping trout punctuated by screams of joy! You like that kind of stuff? If you do, look at late July and August for the Secret Season on the Mo!
  • Spring Special $400 Guide Trips beginning March 15th in conjunction with discounted local lodging at Craig Trout Camp.
  • Headhunters Advanced Dry Fly School July 25-29. Spots available still. Get on board for this killer school with long time Missouri River veterans from HH! All inclusive. Awesome. Dry Fly Only School. Peak dry fly period! Call today.
  • Boxes of summer gear arriving daily.
  • Ice and slush in the river.
  • Boat ramps are compromised. I bet none of them are usable right now. Do not drive into the boat ramp lots without high clearance, 4WD, and a friend safely waiting on the road willing to pull you out. Impassable for a bit longer.
  • Joe’s Bar open daily. Dining in WC at Shotgun Annie’s.
  • Izaak’s opening in late March we think!! Chef John is getting ramped up now. Any job seekers out there contact John 406-235-3456. E’d love to hear from you. Spend your summer in Craig MT. Fish your ass off! Lots of ways to get there in downtown Craig and beyond. I think the other shops are still looking for staff as well.
  • Snow in the forecast. Wind too.
  • TGIF!


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